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Vtube-step logo 2.png Import tube data from solid models, then produce reports, and send data to benders.

Vtube-step v2.9 mainscreen headerassembly purple.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2019

June 12, 2019 VTube-STEP v2.9.20 - Build 10
  • New - BLM SVNET Protocol
  • New - D of Bend values are shown in the XYZ grids
  • New - Newport News Bender Data Grid
  • New - Last bender tab menu stored and recalled in the next project

Vtubelaser blmsvnet.png

April 29, 2019 VTube-STEP v2.9.19 - Build 16
  • New - STEP Mode Alpine M4 and CSM M4 export filenames can use more than 20 characters.
  • New - Choose to import Supravision XYZ or LRA data.
  • New - Choose to import Eaton Leonard PRT XYZ or YBC data.


April 29, 2019 VTube-STEP v2.9.19 - Build 16
  • New - STEP Mode Alpine M4 and CSM M4 export filenames can use more than 20 characters.
  • New - Choose to import Supravision XYZ or LRA data.
  • New - Choose to import Eaton Leonard PRT XYZ or YBC data.


Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2019

March 12, 2019 VTube-STEP v2.9.18 - Build 18
  • New - Selection inversion for large assemblies

Vts 2.9.18 selectioninversion menu.png

January 17, 2019 VTube-STEP v2.9.17 - Build 42
  • New - Super fast Autobuild Parametric import of solid models
  • New - Path Manager enhancements
  • New - Collect Features menu fine-tuned with new buttons
  • New - Various performance-related changes
  • New - BLM VGP-3D Bender Data Report
  • New - Made default changes to Collect Control

Vts v2.9.17 autobuildparametrics icon.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Fourth Quarter - 2018

October 19, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.16
  • New - Reverse XYZ Data and Reset Point Labels at the same time
  • Fix - Synchronize Reversed XYZ Data in STEP and LASER

Vts v2.9.16 reversepoints.png

October 8, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.15
  • Fix - Important fix for importing and measuring 180-degree bends
  • New - The SUPRAVISION BATCH IMPORT now uses the default project setup to build VTube project files
  • New - VTube-STEP now imports Autodesk Inventor tube XYZ files
  • Fix - "Reset Point Labels" issue

Vtl v2.9.15 splitbend import.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Third Quarter - 2018

August 29, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.14
  • New - VTube now allows you to use FRACTION values for floating point numbers in Part Setup, XYZ Grid, and LRA Grid
  • New - Import RONIKolli7 Bender Simulator ASCII XYZ data files.

Vtl v2.9.14 fractions.png

August 20, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.12
  • New - NOTE LIST in Part Setup for an unlimited number of notes per project
  • New - LRA popup menu command splits a bend into two adjacent bends

Vtl v2.9.12 splitbend into twobends vertical.png

July 27, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.11
  • New - Split Bends rows are now highlighted yellow in the LRA grids.
  • Fix - We discovered issues with and fixed Absolute LENGTH data (MIL-D-9898C) calculations for Split Bends.
  • New - STAR TECHNOLOGY Bender Setup Through a Network


July 5, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.10
  • New - HERBER bender - new part communications
  • Fix - Startup Window Size
  • Fix - Assembly Control Window


Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2018

June 15, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.9
  • New - Automatic Negative Straight Fix During Parametric Rebuild (VTube-STEP mode)
  • Fix - COLLECTION FEATURE object delete. (VTube-STEP mode)

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

May 16, 2018 - Build 8 VTube-STEP v2.9.8
  • New - Restore Window screen locations at load.
  • New - Show "Split bends present" in warning header when they are present
  • Enhanced - Split Bend calculations more robust in STEP mode
  • New- Set Split Bend to active for each split bend imported
  • Enhanced - Improved float window handling
  • New - Put Part Number in the "Displayed in UI" field when importing models
  • Enhanced - Improved internal configuration file handling

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2018

April 19, 2018 - Build 23 VTube-STEP v2.9.7
  • NEW - Export reports to any network path
  • NEW - Import SMI TXT Files
  • NEW - Hide the guide box in VTube-STEP
  • FIX - Small Guide Box
  • NEW - "Radius zero found" header warning
  • FIX - Collected Features List Selection
  • FIX - Small Guide Box
  • NEW - Japanese language update
  • FIX - NUMALLIANCE output format now works with non-English floating point formats

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

March 13, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.6
  • New go directly to report print button

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

March 2, 2018 VTube-STEP v2.9.5
  • Faster User Interface
  • Fixed Solid Model image print in reports
  • Repaired Reverse Calc Orientation Issue
  • Fixed build to SOLIDWORKS feature for assemblies
  • New DENGLER VDS Import
  • New DENGLER VDS Export
  • New BEND-TECH BTTX 7x Import
  • New Minimum Clamp Length Value
  • New "Length less than clamp" warning
  • New "Zero-degree bend" angle warning
VTS2 SplashScreen.png

February 1, 2017 VTube-STEP v2.9.3
  • CHIYODA EX CHS File Import
Vts assemblies2solidworks.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Fourth Quarter - 2017

December 12, 2017 VTube-STEP v2.9.2
  • FIX- Repaired a bug in Split Bend and Bend Profile point cloud projections.
VTS2 SplashScreen.png

November 27, 2017 VTube-STEP v2.9.1
  • Fixed Report footer total page numbers value
  • Added SMI Input
  • Fixed SMI Output

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

November 1, 2017 VTube-STEP v2.9
  • New ASSEMBLIES feature allows you to enter and manage several parts in one project
  • New Part Number edit box on top of menus
  • Updated graphics engine
  • Many internal enhancements and debugs

Vtube-step v2.9 mainscreen assemblycontrol.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Third Quarter - 2017

July 19, 2017 VTube-STEP v2.8.4
  • New SEARCH in Path Manager
  • Press Enter after enter point count

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2017

June 12, 2017 VTube-STEP v2.8.3
  • NUMALLIANCE output now handles 180-degree bends and springback compensation
  • Improved DOCS file import
  • Improved Supravision import
  • Fixed imported model deletion issue during parametric model build
  • Now works with multiple monitors
  • The Report window always displays now.

Vtube-step v2.8.2 numalliance split bend.png

April 19, 2017 VTube-STEP v2.8
  • Unbend Anchor Straight - unbend around any straight
  • Reorganized Control Menus
  • Orbit to True Control
  • Transform to True Control

Vtube-step v2.8 unbend anchor straight.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2017

February 11, 2017 VTube-STEP v2.7
  • NEW Snap to Axis Transformations
  • NEW Bender formats: CRIPPA, SOCO, BLM, HVAC OMS
  • NEW MIL-D-9898C Import
  • NEW Shortcut key popup help
  • NEW Shortcut key commands
  • Verified SOLIDWORKS 2017 Compatible
  • Significant User Interface Enhancements
  • Several important debugs
  • Memory and Speed Optimizations
  • NEW Import BENDTECH BTTX Files
  • NEW Import Alpine and CSM M4 MBF Files

Vtube-step v2.7 screenshot.png

Vtube-v2.7 solidworks2017.png


Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Third Quarter - 2016

July 27, 2016 VTube-STEP v2.6 New multi-selection for collection of component surfaces, export to IGES also, debugging for collecting objects Vtube-step v2.6 components unbend.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2016

June 22, 2016 VTube-STEP v2.5 New SAVE banner, fixed collect object delete feature, new multiple drill cylinder selection VTS2 SplashScreen.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2016

March 25, 2016 VTube-STEP v2.4 Added new accumulated length values for reports, fixed the automatic image update in the reports window. VTS2 SplashScreen.png

February 10, 2016 VTube-STEP v2.3 Multi-elongation Setup for multiple elongation, Springback-compensated grids, Springback-compensation output for benders fixed, Automatic Image Refresh state storage fixed Vtube-v2.3 multielongation setup.png

January 21, 2016 VTube-STEP v2.2 UTE XML Import, wire-frame on solid, improved Path Manager, XYZ Spans in reports, short straight calc precision increased, optionally save VTP files in older versions, fixed collection entities erasure issue during calculation, Save Project is smarter about when to switch to Save As, installation no longer overwrites previous VTube persistent configuration Vtube-step-2.2 wireframe feature.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2015

June 12, 2015 VTube-STEP v2.1.3 The VTube Supravision import is improved to handle incorrectly formed Supravision files that add extra rows in between the data. Vtube-step-2.1.3 ImportSupravsion.png
June 12, 2015 VTube-STEP v2.1.2 VTube STEP EXPORT speed is much improved. Vtube-step-2.1.2 screenshot.png

June 9, 2015 VTube-STEP v2.1 MAJOR RELEASE: VTube can now UNBEND tubes and components around the tube. Vtube unbend model2b.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2015

February 16, 2015 VTube-STEP v2 The new VTube Path Manager makes using complex file paths much easier. The CSM and Alpine conversions are enhanced. Supravision network protocol now allows for inverted rotations. Reworked file path logic inside VTube. Vtube-step-2 screenimage closeup 2.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Third Quarter - 2014

November 25, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.99 Export to CSM M4 Data Files, Alpine M4 and CSM M4 have a new springback switch that allows for a choice of springback on or off. Vtube-step-1.87 screenimage.png
November 7, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.97 Two new import types are added to VTube: Laservision CSV and SolidWorks 3DSketch Vtube-step-1.97 import SolidWorks 3DSketch.png
October 27, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.96 Improved the centerline calculation engine for imprecise parts, point labels draw more efficiently, updated languages Vtube-step centerlinecalc coping closeup.png
September 8, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.95 Repaired and enhanced import / export button arrangement feature. Added True Radius output features for the Alpine M4 bender (for undercut dies). Added button HINTS to translations. Vtube-step-1.87 screenimage.png

September 1, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.94 CRITICAL Enhancement: The cylinder centerline calculation engine for projections improved significantly. The STEP mode cylinder calculation engine is enhanced to handle imperfect cylinder surfaces automatically. Starting projection tolerances for cylinder calculations are now set to a 10th of a micron.

New END TRIM MODES - now use the nearest or farthest border of any solid point cloud as a trim datum for end lengths.
Vtube-step-1.94 projtolerance tenth micron.png

Vtube-step-1.94 surface trim datum.png

July 21, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.93 Import CSM M3 files. Added End A and End B values in VTube-STEP Part Setup menu. Added default tolerance to the Part Setup menu. Updated the Chinese and German user interface translations. Vtube-step-1.93 screenshot.png
July 15, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.92 New export to Eaton Leonard Laservision spreadsheet. Other minor fixes. Vtube-step-1.92 screenshot.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2014

June 30, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.91 Automatic entry of thin wall thickness if set to zero when calculating centerlines. Automatic calculation of Cut Length during calculation of centerline. Vtube-step-1.91 screenshot.png
April 15, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.90 Roll bending output to Alpine M4 benders, improved math loop label tells you which straight is being calculated, comma-delimited batch file output for all projects, saves model data to project file Vtube-step-1.89 screenimage.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2014

March 25, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.89 New spinner wheel for collection type, colored guide boxes Vtube-step-1.89 screenimage.png
March 8, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.88 Added Chiyoda EX File Output Vtube-step-1.87 screenimage.png
February 25, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.87 New VTube Project QuickLoad Window, Radius output to Winton ECNC4 Benders Vtube-step-1.87 screenimage.png
January 20, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.86 Fixes to extracting 180 degree Split Bends, other user interface enhancements Vtube-step-1.86-userinterface.png
January 5, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.85.1 Same as 1.85, but with fix to SolidWorks Builder Vtube-step-1.85 screenimage.png
January 1, 2014 VTube-STEP v1.85 SolidWorks Builder: New UNISON Unibend file output, End offsets are included in the diameter extrusion, fixes to Import/Export panel button ordering, new export windows with new options Vtube-step-1.85 screenimage.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Fourth Quarter - 2013

November 19, 2013 VTube-STEP v1.84 New Alpine M4 file export, SolidWorks Builder: constrained end and intersection points, and constrained centerlines in SolidWorks 3DSketch Vtube-step-1.84 buildsolidworks.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Third Quarter - 2013

July 29, 2013 VTube-STEP v1.83 Function shortcut keys, new right side menus are grid-based, can collapse, can change font sizes, can change widths, TubeCalc elongation converter, Supravision export repaired, much more... Vtube-step-1.83 screen.png

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2013

June 19, 2013 VTube-STEP v1.82 New square and rectangular tube feature, new automatic build to SolidWorks Vtube-step-1.82.rectangulartube 7points.jpg
April 19, 2013 VTube-STEP v1.81.6 Automatic switch from Orbit to View mode during collection. SV export repaired. Vtube-step-1.81.4.graphicpointlabels2.jpg

April 2, 2013 VTube-STEP v1.81.5 Enhanced Language Editor, and repair to an issue with the Point Label Balloons Vtube-step-1.81.4.graphicpointlabels2.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2013

March 28, 2013 VTube-STEP v1.81.4 MANY new features - like balloon point labels, new reports, new copy/paste grids, new copy model to clipboard as bitmap Vtube-step 1.81.4.jpg
February 22, 2013 VTube-STEP v1.81.3 New UNDO feature, better multi-user handling, bug fixes Vtube-step 1.81.3.jpg
January 8, 2013 VTube-STEP v1.81 New export to Winton ECNC4 programming software, new Supravision fields imported and exported Vtube-step 1.77.4.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Fourth Quarter - 2012

November 20, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.80.1 Resolved grid text header draw issue, silenced error when no sound drivers present Vtube-step 1.79.jpg
November 20, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.80 Add TRUE BEND transformation, fixed bugs. Vtube-step 1.79.jpg
November 9, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.79 Added calculation of 180 degree bends using Split Bend feature in STEP mode. Includes Split Bend construction model on the screen. Vtube-step 1.79.jpg
October 12, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.78.0.1 Added Overbend Calculator to the installation Vtube-step 1.77.4.jpg
October 3, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.78 New springback variables in STEP, export bender files with springback Vtube-step 1.77.4.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Third Quarter - 2012

August 28, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.77.4.4 Added new Chinese items to interface for 1.77. Vtube-step 1.77.4.jpg
August 20, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.77.4.3 Minor revision: Works better with foreign date/times. Vtube-step 1.77.4.jpg
August 14, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.77.4 Modified the SMI TXT output file to includes the two comment fields. Added Crippa SFP file output. Allow for radii value of zero in model. New pulldown menu with recent project list. Vtube-step 1.77.4.jpg

August 8, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.77.3 Material now changes length with new End Adjustment Length Values, brand new orientation control with axis images, repaired cut length calculation. Vtube-step 1.77.3a.jpg
August 4, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.77.2 New adjustable import and export interface with more options, reset XYZ to Zero, new report items, new polar calcuator Vtube-step 1.77.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2012

March 31, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.76.3 Reverse calc orients the first bend leg up like in TubeCalc, User interface adjustments Vtube-pro 1 76.3 TwoBend White Leg Up.jpg
March 15, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.76 User interface adjustments Vtube-step 1.76.jpg
February 07, 2012 VTube-STEP v1.75.3 Export TubeCalc Files Vtube-step 1.75.3.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Fourth Quarter - 2011

October 20, 2011 VTube-STEP v1.73 New Ribbon Stripe Excel file import Vtube-step ribbonXLS.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2011

May 27, 2011 VTube-STEP v1.66 New save changes dialog Vtube-step screen 1 66.jpg
May 19, 2011 VTube-STEP v1.65 New navigation pane, new TubeCalc import, new report templates, removed the tab menu in the header. Vtube-step 1 65.jpg
April 1, 2011 VTube-STEP v1.63 Improved graphics performance, enhanced 180 degree extraction Vtube-step 1 63.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2011

March 8, 2011 VTube-STEP v1.62 Improved Outer Diameter and Wall Thickness value detection, new User Guide and Help File Vtube-step 1 62.jpg
February 21, 2011 VTube-STEP v1.6 Improvements to VTube-LASER mainly Vtube-step 1 6.jpg
February 10, 2011 VTube-STEP v1.59 Change the linear units button

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - Second Quarter - 2010

April 20, 2010 VTube v1.4 Added automatic 180-degree bend support Vtube180degbend.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-STEP - First Quarter - 2010

March 23, 2010 VTube-Step v1.31 Language fix in edit controls Vtube-step diametereditboxes.jpg
March 22, 2010 VTube-Step v1.3 Support for export to CSM bender data files Vtube-step multi to csm.jpg
March 19, 2010VTube-Step v1.2Projection tolerance decimal places increase to 5
March 18, 2010VTube-Step v1.1
March 15, 2010Original VTube-STEP released