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Revision 1.97

Vtube-step-1.97 import SolidWorks 3DSketch.png

Check.jpg NEW: Import SolidWorks 3DSketch Into VTube

VTube can now import tubes from SolidWorks.

This means that the loop is closed between VTube and SolidWorks. VTube can build parametrically constrained tubes in SolidWorks as well as import parametric tubes.

How it Works

1 - Draw the tube centerline in 3DSketch. Put fillets at the intersections.

It does not matter to VTube if there are intersection points in the sketch, or no intersections with just connections to arc ends.

If you need to, it is ok to draw tubes with contiguous arcs (where the arcs touch each other without straights).

VTube can also handle importing 180 degree bends.

2 - While SolidWorks is in 3DSketch mode, switch to VTube then import the 3DSketch.

Before importing the sketch, you can enter a diameter and wall thickness in VTube's import menu.

Vtube-step-1.97 SolidWorks 3DSketch.png

Vtube-step-1.97 import SolidWorks button importmenu.png

Vtube-step-1.97 import solidworks window.png

Vtube-step-1.97 imported sw part.png

Check.jpg NEW: Laservision CSV File Import

VTube can now import Laservision CSV files.

These files contain the part number, comment, linear unit setting, XYZ coordinates, bend radii, diameter, and default tolerance.

How it Works

1 - Press the Laservision CSV Import button.

Vtube-step-1.97 import laservision csv.png

2 - Choose the CSV file, and press Open.

Vtube-step-1.97 import laservision csv dialog.png

Vector tube data center.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Winton WMC Export Window Improved

The Winton WMC Export window is updated with an improved template filename edit box control.

It is tested for and and will work with the current version 6 WMC files.

Vtube-step 1.97 Winton WMC Export.png

Check.jpg NEW: Enter a Tube Wall Thickness in the Import Excel XLS Window

The Import Excel XLS window now allows you to enter a wall thickness as well as a diameter.

Vtube-step-1.97 import xls wall.png

Check.jpg UPDATE: Language Files Updated

These language files are updated for this new version:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese

Vtube-step-1.97 japanese solidworks import.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • The Winton WMC Export Dialog was adjusted for better operation.