VTube-STEP v1.87

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Revision 1.87

Vtube-step-1.87 screenimage.png

Check.jpg NEW: Project Open QuickLoad Window

An alternative QuickLoad window makes loading project files easier. It increases the font size and reduces the number of clicks to get to a file. It also has a search box that allows you to drill down in file searches quickly.



Check.jpg ENHANCED: Added Radius Handling for Winton ECNC4 Benders

Winton bender.jpg

The Winton ECNC4 data now handles the radius value during export to Winton benders.

Vtube-1.87-WintonECNC4 Radius.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • The default path folders in the VTube-STEP Export windows are now properly stored for use next time.

  • A new Work Order field is added to the Part Setup menu.

  • The SVNET Success window now automatically hides after a few seconds.

  • XYZ grids now update when part transformations occur.

  • Fixed initial project load state. VTube no longer asks for permission to clear the project if there is no change to memory after initial state.

  • It is now possible to insert an XYZ row in the XYZ data if there are zero points.

  • The Point Count boxes now properly increment or decrement when an XYZ row is inserted or deleted.

  • VTube grids can now be selected and copied and output when the Lock Grids is active.