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Check.jpg NEW - Output to CSM Data File Format


Advanced Tubular has partnered with CSM to include the CSM data file output from VTube-STEP.

Now import solid models from any solid model CAD package and convert to CSM bender data.

This is the data converted from solid models:

  • Part Number (the same as the CSM filename)
  • Cut Length
  • Outer Diameter
  • Wall Thickness
  • XYZ Centerline Coordinates
  • YBC Bender Data

Vtube-step multi to csm.jpg

Check.jpg Miscellaneous Improvements

A batch of small improvements:

  • VTube now stops conversion to bender data if there is no XYZ data in memory.
  • VTube now automatically appends the appropriate bender data file extension if one is not supplied.
  • VTube now warns if building a bender data file will overwrite an existing file.

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