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Version 2.9.17

Release Date: January 17, 2019
Build: 42

Vtube-step v2.9 mainscreen headerassembly purple.png


Check.jpgNEW - Super fast AUTOBUILD PARAMETRIC Import of Solid Models

Vts v2.9.17 autobuildparametrics icon.png

The new Autobuild Parametrics feature speeds up importing and calculating centerline and bender data parametrics by 5 times or more by automating the calculation process with a single button press.

The new Autobuild Parametrics button is in the Parametric Tube Data menu.

Autobuild will automatically attempt to calculate the centerline from the imported STEP or IGES model. For Autobuild to work, it needs to follow these rules about the incoming model.

Vts v2.9.17 autobuildparametrics.png

The Rules for Autobuild

  • The model should be a single clean tube.

  • The model should formed as a segmented tube shape made up of cylinders and truncated-tori.

  • Remove all other geometry first.

  • The following are either handled or ignored:

  1. Inner walls are used to determine the wall thickness

  2. End wall rings are ignored

  3. Non-surface data, like lines and points are ignored

Vts v2.9.17 Autobuild Parametric Screen Capture With Arrow.png


Click on the video image to see a video of the Autobuild Parametrics feature working.

Vts v2.9.17 Autobuild Parametric Video.png

Check.jpgNEW - Collected Features Menu Fine-tuned with New Buttons

We found that users intuitively seek to use the Collected Features menu on the left of the screen to start the collection process.

Since that is intuitive to users, and is consistent with our menu design, we placed buttons in that menu that allow users to show the Collect Features control window.

Vts 2.9.17 collectfeaturesmenu new.png

Vts 2.9.17 collectfeaturesmenu whoscreen compare.png

Check.jpgENHANCED - PATH MANAGER - Clear Paths That No Longer Exist in the Path Manager

The new command allows you to clear paths that no longer exist in the list of Path Manager.

Vts 2.9.17 pathmanager new.png

Check.jpgENHANCED - Configure the PATH MANAGER

Now you can configure the Path Manager without importing or loading any files.

Load the Path Manager by pressing the "Configure the Path Manager" button in the System Options / File Setup menu.

Vts 2.9.17 pathmanager setup.png

Check.jpgNEW - BLM VGP-3D Bender Data Report

This version now has a BLM VGP-3D bender data report with CW positive rotations.

Download the PDF Report

Blm-vgp3d-report1.png Blm-vgp3d-report2.png

Check.jpgNEW - Collect Control Changes

1) "Keep adding more surfaces" is now true by default.

2) End Trim from Surface now uses the middle radio button choice by default: Trim to Surface Furthest Point from Centerline Midpoint.

Vts v2.9.18 CollectControl Changes.png

Check.jpgOther Changes

  • For HTML reports, the screen-image bmp file is now only copied to the html export folder when it is present in the html report.
  • The export html report feature would display an error and would not save he html reports. This has been fixed.
  • The Language Editor reloads from the main user interface much faster than previous versions. (Build 32)
  • Optimized the STEP mode and LASER mode default settings to make VTube faster in its default state. (Build 33)
  • Fixed show unbend only in STEP mode (Build 39)
  • Added DOCS file import file checks

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