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Revision 1.77.4

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Check.jpg ENHANCED: Modified the SMI TXT Output

Vtube step 1.77.4 smi export.jpg

Per the new SMI specification, the SMI TXT file now includes the two comment fields at the bottom of the output file.

Check.jpg NEW: Added Crippa SPF File Export

The new CRIPPA export capability allows for easy export to CRIPPA UII software. The format is a text file that is compatible with most CRIPPA benders that were released in early 2012 and on.

Vtube step 1.77.4 crippa export.jpg
The bender data format is similar to the standard format, except that, for most CRIPPA benders, the rotations move in the opposite direction than most other benders. (CRIPPA standard: Clockwise is positive). VTube automatically builds the data, including reversed rotations into the SPF file.

The format includes the bender data and the cut length. Here is an example:

Crippa part shape.jpg
Creates this data:

R101=60.33     R131=0.00      R161=90.00     
R102=50.80     R132=135.00    R162=90.00     
R103=50.80     R133=0.00      R163=90.00     
R104=50.80     R134=-135.00   R164=90.00     
R105=50.80     R135=-1.00     R165=90.00     
R106=50.80     R136=-90.00    R166=90.00     
R107=50.80     R137=-90.00    R167=90.00     
R108=111.13    R138=0.00      R168=0.00    
  • See more in the CRIPPA page.

Check.jpg NEW: Pulldown Menus

Vtube step 1.77.4 pulldownmenus.jpg
VTube now has pulldown menus.

The menus are also floating because they can be pulled off the pulldown and moved anywhere on the screen during the current session.

Vtube step 1.77.4 floatingmenu.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Recent Project List in the Pulldown Menus

Vtube step 1.77.4 recentprojectfileslist.jpg

Recent Projects can be reloaded with one click from the File pulldown menu.

Check.jpg NEW: Real "Save" Command Distinct from "Save As..."

Vtube step 1.77.4 save saveas.jpg

VTube now allows you to save the current project without having to supply the current filename again. Hit the blue disk, and VTube will save the data without any interruption.

Check.jpg NEW: Low Level User Interface Value: Maximum Recent Files

Vtube 1.77.4 maximumrecentprojectfilecount.jpg

Use this to control how many files display in the Recent Project list in the pulldown menu. The default is 10 files.

Check.jpg NEW: Hardware Key Information Window

Vtube step 1.77.4 hardwarekeyinformationwindow.jpg

The new hardware key window will show the details of your license found in the hardware key that enables VTube to run.

The command to display the window is inside the new Help pulldown menu.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Allow the Drawing of ZERO Value Radii

Vtube 1.77.4 zerovalueradius.jpg

VTube can now draw a zero-radius bend in the model with displaying an error.

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