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CRIPPA benders are built in Italy and marketed worldwide. Customers report that they like these benders very much. They are often all electric with all actuators servo-controlled.

Crippa bender.jpg

Crippa banner.jpg


CRIPPA UII Control software Version 3

The CRIPPA Windows software allows for complete programming of bender setup.

This is an older version 3.2 of the CRIPPA UII.

Crippa uii screen.jpg

CRIPPA UII Control software version EVO II

This is the screen from the Evo II generation of Crippa UII software (circa 2017). Changes made by VTube-LASER can be viewed in the YBC grid on this page.

Crippa 520 uii screen evoII.png

This is the main screen for the CRIPPA HMI. The UII screen (shown above) is loaded from the bottom toolbar button in this screen.

Crippa evoII hmi point to UIIbutton.png

VTube-LASER Support for Crippa Bender Setup and Corrections

VTube-LASER communicates with the newer CRIPPA UII software using the Supravision Network protocol.

Communications are fully bidirectional - you can send and recall data.

It is possible to send new part data to the Crippa, and to correct existing parts easily with the Crippa communications.

(Crippa added this capability in late 2014.) See VTube Communication for CRIPPA Supravision for details.

VTube-LASER can also communicate with older CRIPPA SIEMENS SINUMERIK controls by building the CRIPPA MPF data files. See VTube Communication for CRIPPA MPF for details.

Vtube-laser v2.2 crippa.png

VTube-STEP Support for Newer CRIPPA Bender SPF Files

For newer benders, VTube-STEP can export Crippa export capability allows for easy export to Crippa UII software. The format is a text file that is compatible with most CRIPPA benders that were released in early 2012 and on.

Vtube step 1.77.4 crippa export.jpg

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

VTube-STEP Support for Legacy CRIPPA Bender MPF Files

For older CRIPPA SIEMENS SINUMERIK benders, VTube-STEP can build MPF files. (As of VTube version 2.7, December of 2016)

See VTube Communication for CRIPPA MPF for details.

Vtube-step 2.7 export crippa mpf.png

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

Contact Information

CRIPPA USA Distributor

Chris Harrison
Tube Process Technology LLC

Phone (810) 599-1972
E-Mail: [email protected]

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