VTube-STEP v1.83

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Vtube-step logo.jpg

Revision 1.83

Vtube-step-1.83 screen.png

Check.jpg NEW: Function Key Shortcuts

VTube now uses shortcut function keys for certain tasks:

  • F1 = Help
  • F2 = Refresh Graphics
  • F3 = Zoom All
  • F4 = Viewport to VIEW mode
  • F5 = Viewport to ORBIT mode
  • F6 = Viewport to PAN mode
  • F7 = Viewport to ZOOM WINDOW mode
  • F8 = Tube: Toggle End Labels
  • F9 = Tube: Toggle Intersection Point Labels
  • F12 = Delete selected graphics objects

Vtube-step-1.83 functionkeys.png

Check.jpg NEW: SolidWorks Builder

This new menu is activated by pressing on the SolidWorks Builder option in the right Model menu. It gives operators choices for how to build the part in SolidWorks. For example:

  • Build rectangular or cylindrical parts.

  • Build with or without the intersection points in the 3DSketch.

The screen image below shows the resulting part in SolidWorks.

Vtube-step-1.83 SolidWorks Rectangular.png

Vtube-step-1.83 SolidWorksBuilder Menu.png

Check.jpg NEW: Side Menus Are Collapsible and Expandable

The side menus can be collapsed and expanded very quickly in order to show you an expanded viewport.

Use the blue arrows at the corner of either the left or right panels to collapse the menus. Move the mouse over the collapsed menu to expand them.

Compare these two images. The top screen shows the left panel collapsed. The bottom screen shows the same window with the left panel expanded.

Vtube-step-1.83 screen2 closeup blue panel collapse button.png
Vtube-step-1.83 screen.png

Check.jpg NEW: Side Menu Font Size Adjustable

The side menu fonts can be changed in System Options to fit more or less on the screen vertically.


Vtube-1.83-fontsizes in grids.png

Check.jpg NEW: Side Menu Width Sizing

The side menu widths can be set to default to NARROW, MEDIUM, or WIDE in the System Option menu.


Vtube-laser-1.83-panelwidth demo.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Free-form Editor for Comment Fields in Part Setup

This free-form editor allows you to enter comments 1 and 2 as notes with empty rows using the Enter button.

You can even load and save external text files to and from the Comment fields.



Check.jpg FIX: Supravision Export of End Offsets

The Supravision export would use the A-End and B-End Solid Model Offset for the Supravision end offsets in the exported Supravision file. The values that should be used are the A-End and B-End Length Adjust - because that is the equivalent for Supravision end offsets.

This has been repaired in this version.

Check.jpg NEW: Toolbar "Close" Button

The new Close button allows you to close VTube more quickly than before.

Vtube-step-1.83-toolbar door.png

Vtube-step-1.83-toolbar door closeup.png

Check.jpg NEW: Toolbar "Save As" Button

The new Save As button allows you to save the current part as a new part file.

Vtube-step-1.83 saveas toolbar button.png

Vtube-step-1.83-toolbar saveas closeup.png

Check.jpg NEW: TubeCalc Elongation Converter

VTube now includes a TubeCalc Elongation Converter that can be accessed from the Part Setup popup menu. This converter calculates VTube elongation percentages from TubeCalc elongation per degree values.

Vtube-1.83-partsetup popup menu.png

Vtube-1.83-tubecalc elongation converter.png

Check.jpg NEW: CONRAC Style Bender Chart

The new chart shows absolute LENGTHS and ROTATIONS appropriate for Conrac style benders.

This chart always uses arc lengths that are compensated for elongation based on the elongation percentage in the part setup menu.


Check.jpg Other Changes

  • VTube now always reports reduced arc lengths compensated for elongation if the elongation percentage is greater than 0. (It used to always report the theoretical value without elongation.)

  • VTube no longer refreshes the tube model on the screen when a project is saved. This saves significant amount of time for large models.

  • The model refresh time is optimized significantly - especially when the point labels are switched on.

  • Repairs were made to the Language Editor.

  • Internal were made repairs to the Part Setup grid. Corrections were made to field types.

  • Click on column cell 1 of the Default Radius field to show the Radius Table.