VTube-STEP v1.84

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Revision 1.84

Vtube-step-1.84 buildsolidworks.png

Check.jpg NEW: Export to Alpine M4 MBF Data File

VTube can now export XYZ data to an Alpine M4 data file. This feature sends XYZ coordinates for setup.

Vtube-step 1.84-exportAlpineM4.png

The extended export feature lets you set the radius level before sending the data to the bender.

VTube-Step-1.84 AlpineExportMenu.png

Vtube-step-1.84 AlpineM4ExtendedXYZValues.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: SolidWorks Builder

The SolidWorks tube builder can now:

  • Build constrained end and intersection points in 3DSketch.

  • Build constrained centerline geometry in 3DSketch.

Vtube-step-1.84 buildsolidworks.png

Vtube-step-1.84 solidworks part.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • This version fixes an Overbend memory leak problem that causes an error when the VTube is unloaded in Windows XP.