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Revision 1.79

Vtube-step 1.79.jpg

Transfer Tubes to CAM2 Measure 10

  • Enter the tube data in VTube then save CAM2 Measure 10 tube data for import into CAM2.
  • Save using a Popup menu in the XYZ grid, or save from the the File tab.

Added Split Bend collection feature in Collect Control in STEP mode

  • Split bend (for handling 180 degree bends or greater) was available in LASER mode - now it is available in STEP mode too.
  • This means that you can also display compress LRA data with two 90s being combined to show a 180 degree bend in the LRA grid and the reports.
  • In STEP mode, you can select an arc section that* becomes the guide for the intrados and extrados - showing VTube where to form the split bend centerline.
  • The split construction model now displays in STEP mode.

Vtube-step splitbend constructionmodel.jpg

Added new Radius Table in XYZ pop-up grid for storage of often-used radii

  • Store commonly used radii in a table for use in the future.
  • Any number can be added to the list.
  • VTube can now output TRUE radius as well as NOMINAL radius values based on the radius table.

Vtube radius table popup.jpg Vtube radius table.jpg

Other Changes

  • Fixed slow dragging control windows in STEP mode The End Scan Diameter
  • Faster saving and loading of VTube persistence files makes VTube load and close faster
  • New options in XYZ pop-up menus
  • The formula for building the centerline in the split bend area is improved and more reliable.

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