VTube-STEP v2.5

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Vtube-step logo 2.png

Revision 2.5

Vtube-step-1.87 screenimage.png

Check.jpg NEW: Project File Save Notification Proves the Project Was Saved

Vtube v2.5 savedfilewindow alone.png

Previous versions of VTube were quiet when you saved a project file. That made some of our customers understandably nervous.

So now VTube always shows a quick notification at the top of the screen when you save a project file.

The window displays for a few seconds then disappears automatically. But you can even keep working when this window is open because you can click on other parts of VTube even while this notification is on the screen.

Vtube v2.5 savedfilewindow.png

Check.jpg NEW: HOT Keys Control-L (Load) and Control-S (Save) for VTube Project Files

These new hotkeys are a simple thing- but they'll make your life much easier if you're a hotkey user.

Try it. Press CTRL-L to load a project file, then CTRL-S to quickly save it again. It's about as easy as it gets.

(The new project save notification window described above will display every time you press CTRL-S.)

VTube Ctrl-S Ctrl-L.png

Check.jpg FIX: Transfluid XYZ Output (BKT File) Repairs

This feature allows you to output new XYZ data to the bender from inside VTube-STEP (which is part of VTube-LASER).

The output engine for Transfluid XYZ data was updated and repaired from errors we found that would stop the export.

Also, the linear units are now converted to whatever the current linear unit is in the VTube user interface. This was added because the internal Transfluid data can be either inches or millimeters.

Vtube-laser-transfluid communication.jpg

Check.jpg FIX: Collect Objects Delete Properly

This version corrects an issue where the Collect objects deleted in the Collect grid were not also deleted on the screen.

Vtube-step collectedfeatures grid.png

Vtube-step collectobject.png

Vtube-step collectobject2.png

Check.jpg NEW: Select Multiple Drill Cylinders At One Time

This version allows you to select all the drill cylinder objects at one time in each straight. This makes selection of a large number of holes much faster.

Vtube-step v2.5 select multiple cylinder drill surfaces.png

Vtube-step v2.5 select multiple cylinder drill surfaces2.png

Vtube-step v2.5 select multiple cylinder drill surfaces3.png

Check.jpg NEW: Tangent Point Reports

VTube can now output Tangent Point reports.

Tangent points are the point locations where the straights meet the bends on the tube centerlines.


Vtube v2.5 tangentpoint reports.png

Check.jpg NEW: Newport News Shipbuilding Data Import

VTube can now import Newport News Shipbuilding data for shipbuilding applications.

Vtube-v2.5 newportnews logo.png

Vtube-v2.5 newportnews fordclass carrier.png

Check.jpg NEW: Hover Fractions

Vtube-v2.5 hoverfractions systemoptions.png

VTube can now show the fractional version of any distance in the main grids in a hint box.

The feature is switched on in the User Interface tab inside the System Options menu. The maximum denominator can be set to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, or 1/64. The default value is 1/16.

Vtube-v2.5 hoverfractions cutlength.png

Vtube-v2.5 hoverfractions ABlength.png

Check.jpg NEW: Communications with AMOB Tube Benders

Vtube v2.5 image to amob.png

VTube-LASER can now send new parts and corrected data to AMOB tube benders.

The new feature works in both VTube-STEP Export and VTube-LASER Bender Setup menus.

The protocol works in one direction - from VTube-LASER to the AMOB.

Vtube-step v25 amob export.png

VTube-STEP: AMOB Data Export Window

The Export window is displayed when exporting data to the AMOB from VTube-STEP.

Vtube-step v25 amob export window.png