VTube-STEP v1.59

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Vtube-step logo.jpg

Revision 1.59

Vtube-step maincreen.jpg

Check.jpg FIX- Supravision Output Fix to the Rotation Values

The rotation values are now recorded properly in the Supravision output files and the Supravision data sent through the bender interface menu.

Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT- Part Name is Used as Filename When Part Name Changes

In previous versions, the part name was used as the filename only if the previous filename was empty.

Now - when the part name changes, the part name is used as the initial filename in the Save dialog.

Vtube savefile partname.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED- Linear Units Now Set By Single Large Button

In previous versions, the linear units radio buttons were not reliable in setting the proper state.

Plus they were too small to easily press.

This version removes these radio buttons and uses an large button with either an M or an I that toggles the state.

These buttons can also be localized. The M and I can be changed to other Unicode characters for other languages.

Old Interface:
Vtube laser linear units.jpg
New Interface:
Vtube laser linear units button millimeter.jpg
Vtube laser linear units button inch.jpg

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