VTube-STEP v1.81.3

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Revision 1.81.3

Vtube-step 1.81.3.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: NEW UNDO Feature


VTube can now undo changes made to 160 different values in the user interface.

VTube stores the most recent 100 changes in memory for undo. If the number of changes exceeds 100, then the oldest change is removed from the undo stack after the most recent one is added.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: New Guide Window

Vtube-step 1.81.3 guide.jpg

The new Collection Guide helps users know what step to take next whenever VTube is performing a collection.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Changes for Multi-User Login and UAC Restrictions

VTube was changed to install once in administrative mode, and then run with any new user login in Windows using the Microsoft data storage methods - even with Windows User Access Control switched on.

Check.jpg NEW: Default Documents Folder Path Value


VTube now uses a default document folders path to open file dialogs. The path can be changed in the System Options menu.

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Bug repair: Repaired a bug that caused an error during setting any XYZ row to zeros (as a datum)

  • Changed point objects: This version uses a must faster drawing point object for tube centerlines that can be scaled from size 1 to 7 in the Entity window. Previous versions used slow-drawing spheres.

  • New RESET initial configuration feature: This version has a button in the System Options --> Persistent menu that allows you to reset the persitent configuration to the initial installed values.

  • New Smoothness control: The smoothness of the model can be set at any whole number from -4 to 2. 0 is default. -4 is least smooth (and faster drawing). 2 is most smooth (and slower drawing). The spin button controls the range.