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Revision 2.0

Vtube-step-1.87 screenimage.png

Check.jpg NEW: VTube Path Manager - Saves Time By Storing Important Paths

This change to VTube is a huge time-saver. Customers that have tested this feature report that they are very happy it.

The new Path Manager allows you to store and recall complex file paths from VTube without having to constantly drill down into folders and paths.

The window displays when you open projects and perform imports. It also opens when you perform a Save As project.

Vtube-step-2 screenimage closeup 2.png

Check.jpg NEW: SUPRAVISION Network Engine Now Handles Benders with Inverted Rotations

The Supravision network engine now allows for rotations to be inverted for benders that have rotations that move in the opposite direction to VTube.

Vtube-2 cwrotation svnetwork.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: CSM and ALPINE File Data Transfer Tested and Improved

  • The CSM and Alpine conversions now correctly invert the rotation value in both M3 and M4 controls - since they move in the opposite direction from VTube rotations.

  • Other adjustments and fixes to the conversion were tested with both styles of bender controls.

  • When VTube sends corrections to the M4 controls, it now changes the adjustment values rather than the nominal values in the YBC page.


Check.jpg Other Changes

  • The VTube configuration file location was changed to the more standard "c:\ProgramData\VTube" location.

  • The installation performs a better job of setting up the configuration file location.

  • The Supravision network engine has been enhanced to handle data files that don't follow the Supravison spec perfectly.

  • We fixed a ball probe measurement issue where VTube would sometimes not always take in single points from the FARO driver. This issue created problems with measuring cut planes too. If you measured cut planes, and still couldn't get the cut plane to work properly, then it was probably due to this issue.