VTube-STEP v1.91

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Vtube-step logo.jpg

Revision 1.91

Vtube-step-1.91 screenshot.png

Check.jpg NEW: AUTOMATIC Calculation of Cut Length

VTube-STEP now automatically calculates the cut length during calculation of the centerline from solid model.

The math engine uses the current tube elongation percentage to reduce the cut length to account for elongation in the bends.

Vtube-step-1.91 cutlength.png

Check.jpg NEW: AUTOMATIC Thin Wall

If the wall thickness is zero after a centerline calculation from solid model, then VTube will now automatically insert a value of 0.001" (or 0.0254mm) into the part setup. This cleans up the image by removing solid ends in the display.

Vtube-step-1.91 thinwall.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: QuickLoad Improved With New Default Folder Button

The Quickload window has a new button that allows you to find the default VTube folder in public documents quickly.

Vtube-1.91-quickload default folder.png

Check.jpg Enhanced: Project Batch Report Output

  • We added a second type of report per a customer spec.
  • The reports are now built to both comma delimted and tab delimited files.
  • The reports can be sent directly to Excel.

Load the batch reporter in the Report menu of either STEP mode of LASER mode:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report button.png

Vtube-1.90-project batch report output.png

This is a sample report file:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report file1.png

If the batch reporter finds files with 0 or negative length straights, then it will issue a WARNING at the end of the report log and create a second report file containing a list of all the project files with these lengths:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report file2.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Now you can press the Enter key to close the information dialog.

  • Comments display in a dialog during project load

  • The "Clear text" button in the editor box works again.