VTube-STEP v1.86

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Vtube-step logo.jpg

Revision 1.86

Vtube-step-1.85 screenimage.png

Check.jpg NEW: Project Open and Save Path is Stored

The most recently used project file open and save paths are now stored and used for future open and saves.


Check.jpg REPAIR: Fix to 180 Degree Split Bend

VTube had difficulty importing part of the radius of a split bend. This has been repaired.

Vtube-step 1.85 splitbend.png

Vtube-step 1.86 splitbend.png

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • More optimizations were performed on internal timers - making VTube faster.

  • Fixed control buttons enable/disable during Collection process

  • COMMENT Editor Window: The "Cancel Changes" button now works inside the Comment editors.

  • The VTube splash screen now loads and displays before VTube starts loading.