VTube-STEP v1.90

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Revision 1.90

Vtube-step-1.89 screenimage.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Improved Math Loop Label

  • The math activity loop label now turns yellow when it is active.

  • The label also shows the current straight number currently being calculated.



Check.jpg NEW: AUTOMATIC Adjusting Projection Tolerances

To calculate centerlines, VTube projects surface vectors (see the blue lines in the image).

When surface projections intersect, then VTube knows it has found the centerline of any straight. The projection tolerance in the collection grid helps VTube know how close the intersections must be in order to flag when the intersection occurs.

In some imported STEP or IGES tube models, the projections are not as accurate as our standard setup (which is 0.00001", or 0.000254mm).

When the math engine could not find the intersection of surface projections, previous versions would generate an error and stop the calculation. You would then have to manually adjust the projection tolerance and try to calculate again.

As of this version, when an intersection is not found, VTube will automatically double the projection tolerance and try again.

The maximum automatic adjustment value is 1mm (0.039").

If you are working with very crude cylinders, and need more than 1mm of projection tolerance, then manually set the projection tolerance higher, then calculate again.

Vtube-step-1.90-automatic adjusting projection tolerances.png

Check.jpg NEW: Viewport Popup Menu Items Added

New features are added to the VTube-STEP pop up menu:

  • Close all control windows
  • Delete the Imported Models
  • Generate Tube Model from Collected


Check.jpg NEW: Alpine Bender Output for Roll Bending

VTube-STEP can now output roll bending data files for Alpine controls.

This feature includes the new extended YBC values window in the Alpine export menu shown at the right.


Check.jpg ENHANCED: Export/Import PERSISTENT Configurations With PROJECT DEFAULT SETUP Configurations

Vtube-laser-1.89-importexport configuration buttons.png

The export and import feature now automatically includes two configuration files - both the default project setup file and the persistent configuration file. The persistent setup represent values that will continue even if new project files are loaded.

With the persistent configuration included, the COMPLETE setup of VTube for any system can be easily saved and transferred to any other system.

Vtube-laser-1.89-importexport configuration.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: QuickLoad Improved With Better Exploring

  • The QuickLoad window now allows for multiple filename extension types - like STEP and STP.

  • The QuickLoad window has a new tree menu on the left that includes the Desktop and Documents folders. This makes browsing more flexible than in the original QuickLoad menu.

Vtube-laser-1.90-quickload tree.png

Vtube-laser-1.90-quickload STEP.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: System Options - Keep or Delete Imported Model During Project Save

You can now choose whether or not to save the imported model into the VTube project file for recall later in VTube-STEP.

This is a new persistent configuration feature. When this option is disabled, then any imported model already in VTube-STEP will be saved as part of the VTube project file.



Check.jpg NEW: Project Batch Report Output

Some of our customers are building huge databases of VTube project files. In order to help manage the data, VTube can now output a comma-delimited batch report of the data in all project files in any folder.

Vtube-1.90-project batch report output.png

Load the batch reporter in the Report menu of either STEP mode of LASER mode:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report button.png

This is a sample report file:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report file1.png

If the batch reporter finds files with 0 or negative length straights, then it will issue a WARNING at the end of the report log and create a second report file containing a list of all the project files with these lengths:

Vtube-1.90-project batch report file2.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Collected Data Now Saved In Project Files

The collected objects are now saved and recalled to and from VTube project files. (In previous versions, they were automatically erased.)


Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug where the XYZ would be deleted if the Collection process was still active just before the centerline calculation was started.