VTube-STEP v1.82

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Revision 1.82

Vtube-step 1.81.4.jpg


Check.jpg NEW: Square and Rectangular Tubes

VTube will handle square and rectangular tube shapes when this version is released. Vtube-step-1.82.rectangulartube 7points.jpg



Check.jpg NEW: Automatic Build to SolidWorks

VTube can now automatically build a parametric 3DSketch tube in SolidWorks. VTube uses automation features to become the user and draw the part in SolidWorks 3DSketch, then sweep the diameter and shell the part is a wall thickness value is greater than zero.

If SolidWorks is not loaded, then VTube will attempt to load SolidWorks first. If SolidWorks is already open, then VTube will create a new part in a new window automatically.


Vtube-step-v1.82-VT2SolidWorks tubesonly.jpg

Check.jpg FIX: Multiple Split Bend LRA Data

VTube can compress bends that are adjacent to each other (with zero length straight between then), and in the same plane, into a single bend. This is called SPLIT BEND compression.

Before this version, we discovered that multiple split bends in VTube-STEP would cause miscalculations in the LRA grid for split bends that come after the first split bend compression. This has been repaired.

Also repaired: The compressed to decompressed LRA procedure now works properly.

Vtube-step-1.82-multiple split bend.jpg

Check.jpg FIX: Excel Report Tube Image

VTube would not always include an image with the proper link in the exported Excel file. This has been repaired.

Vtube-1.82 excel image fix.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Gradiant Viewport

Beta test users tell us that the new gradiant viewport is easier on the eyes, so we are adding it in this version.

Vtube-1.82 gradiant viewport.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Set Collection Entity Type Control

This new control allows you to reset the entity types in the Collection Grid after the selection has already been made. This saves time if you accidentally selected an entity as the wrong type, and want to change it to another type before calculation.

Vtube-1.82 SetCollectionEntityType.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Overbend Calculator is now integrated into VTube. The values are now always updated and transferred back to VTube as they are entered in the Overbend.

  • The collection process now switched from Orbit mode to Selection mode automatically. You no longer have to manually switch to View mode first.

  • Fixed default radius bug for single straight tubes.

  • Removed confirmation of collection object delete.

  • Repaired the End Label delete when tube is cleared. (The End Labels did not always clear from the screen when the tubes were cleared or turned off.)