VTube-STEP v2.6

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Revision 2.6

Vtube-step-1.87 screenimage.png

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Faster Multiple Object Selection for Components

This is an enhancement to the Collect control for collecting components. Components are any object that you want to move with the unbending tube - including any shape of holes in the tube body.

This new feature makes selecting hundreds of surfaces in complex components very easy. You add all the components that you want to the selection on the screen by

  • dragging a window around the components
  • or by clicking on the components
  • or by SHIFT clicking in order to add and remove any single part of the selection...

...then press Right mouse click to put the final selection in the Collect List.

See How To Collect Components for step-by-step instructions on how this works.

Vtube-step v2.6 components selection steps.png

Check.jpg NEW: VTube can Export IGES Files

The EXPORT menu allows you to export IGES files. This export feature exports any surface on the screen when the export occurs.

Vtube-step v2.6 export iges.png

Check.jpg NEW: Project Batch Report Style 3 - with AB Lengths

Some of our customers build huge databases of VTube project files. In order to help manage the data, VTube outputs a comma-delimited batch report of the data from all project files in any folder into a file or an Excel spreadsheet.

The new format is called "Report Style 3" and includes the Part Number, the Radius, the AB Length, and the centerline XYZ for every every part in your database.

Vtube-2.6-project batch repor 3t output.png

This is the Excel format after output:

Vtube-2.6-project batch report 3 excel.png

Click on the image for a closeup.

Vtube-2.6 buildbatchreportbutton.png

Changes v2.6 Build 130

Vtube v2.6 report stayontop.png
  • We changed the report template engine so that it can handle extra spaces in tag fields.

  • We added the "Stay On Top" checkbox option to the Report window. This value is saved in the persistent configuration file.

Other Changes

  • Some debug was performed to fix problems for when selecting entities that are themselves selected entities.

  • In version 2.5, when exporting to a STEP file, VTube would also export an IGES file. This was fixed.

  • VTube now closes faster than previous versions.