VTube-STEP v1.80

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Vtube-step logo.jpg

Revision 1.80

Vtube-step 1.79.jpg

New Transform MASTER Centerline Data so Any Bend is True in the XY Plane

  • Transform the centerline orientation so that any bend is true.
  • The 0,0,0 datum is always placed at the center of the true bend radius.
  • This feature can be combined with the Excel output in order to automate the building of compound tools in solid model programs.

Vtube transform truebend one.jpg

Before transformation:
Vtube hvac transform none.jpg

After transformation with bend 1 true to the XY plane:
Vtube hvac transform one.jpg

Split Bend Graphic Model Now Clears with Project Clear

  • The split bend construction model did not clear in the previous version of VTube-STEP. Now it will.

Vtube-step splitbend constructionmodel.jpg

Fixed Reverse Calc (LRA to XYZ)

  • The previous version would not calculate the XYZ from LRA in STEP mode. This has been fixed.

Updated Hardware Key Driver

  • The latest version of the SafeNet hardware key driver is included in this installation.

Safenet hardwarekey installation.jpg

Other Changes

  • Removed the dashes from radius zeros in XYZ charts.
  • Added new "XYZ" report that includes only the XYZ data for use in importing XYZ data to solid model programs like Autodesk Inventor through Excel.
  • This new installation does not interfere with current report templates. It will automatically add new reports only if they are not already in the report template list.

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