VTube-Step v1.2

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Check.jpg ENHANCED - Projection Tolerance Precision Increased

The default projection tolerance box now allows 5 digits beyond the decimal.

The projection tolerance edit boxes were changed so that they always show 5 digits beyond the decimal - regardless of the linear unit decimal-place setup in the systems options.

Vtube-step projection tolerance moredecimals.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Math Improvements for Complex Geometry

The math engine was enhanced in order to handle the increased precision in the Projection Tolerance.

More improvements have been made to complex geometry that allows for more precision at the high-detail level (in the 0.001" range)

Vtube-step innergeometry hole cylinder.jpg

Check.jpg Miscellaneous

The Edit Projection Tolerance control now allows for up to 5 digit places beyond the decimal. Also - this control now handles changes between units properly.

All the Collection Control BUTTONS are now disabled when the selecting an entity for collection.

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