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Vtube-step logo 2.png Import tube data from solid models, then produce reports, and send data to benders.

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Compatibility With Other CAD Packages


Setup for Communications with CNC Benders

VTube can communicate with many tube and wire-form benders. Follow these links to read about details in how it transfers data to and from CNC Benders.




Overall Purpose of VTube-STEP: Import Solid Models from ANY Solid Model CAD Program to Convert to Bender Data

VTube-STEP extracts tube data from a STEP or IGES solid model file - from any solid model CAD package.

VTube-STEP can import centerline data from cylindrical or rectangular solid models that have no centerline.

Vtube-step-1.82.rectangulartube 7points.jpg


Partners and Distributors

  • FARO - FARO is the world leader in articulated arms. The FARO Americas division is our exclusive VTube-LASER distributor for North and South America. VTube-STEP is also a catalog item for FARO.
  • Horn Machine Tools - Manufacturer of benders and CSM benders
  • UNISON - All electric benders from the UK
  • SMI- Italian line of Silver benders
  • CRIPPA - Italian benders

Export to Solid Model Programs

VTube-STEP can export files that can be loaded into other CAD packages. These are samples of files created by VTube-STEP and loaded into general solid model packages.

Autodesk Inventor Example
Autodesk Inventor Import from VTube Screen Shot.jpg

Vtube-step v2.3 demotube3 to solidworks.png

Multiple Language Support

VTube-STEP supports multiple languages - even East Asian. You can even translate the user interface to your own language.

Vtube-step 2.3 japanese screen.png

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