How to Export a Supravision File

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This page describes how to export a Supravision file from VTube-STEP.

You can use this feature to convert STEP file data into tube data that is compatible with other programs that can import Supravision files.

For example, this process works well with TubeCAD Pro. Import the STEP into VTube, then export the calculated data as Supravision files, then import the Supravision file into TubeCAD Pro. (See Step 6 below to see how easy this is.)

STEPS for EXPORTING a Supravision FILE from VTube

STEP 1 - Import a Solid Model or Manually Enter Part Data in VTube

Import Solid Model

You can import data using one of the import formats - like import a STEP or IGES model of a tube shown here.

Vtube-step v2.5 model sample2b.png

Collect Straights and Calculate

This shows after the collection process (where you select the straights), then calculating the centerline, diameter, and radii data from the model.

Vtube-step v2.5 model sample2b extractedtubedata.png

Calculate Values

The XYZ centerline coordinates and LRA bender data is the resulting data from an import (this can be manually entered and adjusted also).

Vtube-step v2.5 model sample2b xyzlradata.png

STEP 2 - Enter the Import/Export Menu button in the Navigation Pane

Click on the Import/Export button in the Navigation Pane.

Now click on the EXPORT Supravision button in the EXPORT section of the menu.

Vtube-step v2.5 export supravision.png

STEP 3 - Click on SAVE in the Supravision Export Window

The Supravision export window lets you setup and save the Supravision file to any place on the disk or network.

Vtube-step v2.5 SupravisionExportWindow.png

STEP 4 - Choose An Output Path in the Path Manager

The Path Manager lets you choose a path from a list of saved paths that you use often. Double click on the output path.

Vtube-step v2.5 chooseSVpath.png

STEP 5 - Save the New File

In the Save dialog, edit name, then press save.

The name it will suggest will always the Part Number value in Part Setup by default.

If you enter a filename with no filename extension, then VTube will automatically append .$$$ to the end of the name. (We don't recommend other extensions since they are non-standard.)

Vtube-step v2.5 SVsavedialog.png

STEP 6 - Load the Supravision File Into the External Program

Other programs, like TubeCAD or CNC Bender controls, can import Supravision files to establish new parts.

For example, for TubeCAD, you can import the Supravision file that VTube-STEP created using the Import Supravision menu.

Tubecad import supravision sample2b.png

Tubecad layout sample2b.png

How to Move the SV Export Button to the Top

To make it easier to get to, you might want to move the Supravision export button to the top of the EXPORT list.

1 - Click on the display setup button.

2 - Click on the button name in the list and then move it up to the top.

3 - Press OK

The buttons will reorder based on your setup.

Vtube-step v2.5 ExportArrangeButtons.png

Vtube-step v2.5 SupravisionButtonMovedToTop.png

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