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The original DOS Supravision main menu (circa 1980s and '90s)
The newer Windows Supravision main menu (circa late 1990s to current)


Intro and History

Supravision was designed by Homer Eaton and Foad Rekabi of ROMER in the 1980s. It originally began as a DOS program, then migrated to Windows. When it was redesigned for Windows, Foad decided to keep the DOS SV look and feel in the Windows version.

In 2011, ROMER CIMCORE - A division of Hexagon Metrology, began replacing sales of Supravision with DOCS software.

Supravision File Format

You can load any Supravision file into any text editor to view the data.

This is an example Supravision file in a Notepad++ editor (the editor that installs with VTube software).

Vtube-step v2.5 notepad++SupravisionFile.png

Supravision Network Protocol

Svnetwork logo.jpg

Both the DOS and Windows versions of Supravision use several protocols. The most prominent is Supravision Network protocol. We commonly refer to this protocol as "SVNET." (We pronounce it S-V-Net.) See Supravision Network Protocol

Supravision Filename Standard

All Versions (3, 4, 5, and 6)

    The Supravision filename uses the triple dollar sign (.$$$) for all filename extensions.

Older DOS Versions (3 and 4)

    The DOS version of Supravision allowed long filenames by breaking the name into a series of sub folders. For example, this part:

    is saved as


    on the systems using DOS versions 3 and 4. The actual filename is "&SV4.$$$." The rest of the filename is retained in the folder structure.

Windows Versions (5 and 6)

    The newer Windows versions (5 and 6) of Supravision take advantage of the long filename capability of Windows. For example, this part:

    is saved as

    ...\parts\LONG PART NAME TESTED ON SV6.$$$

Converting Filenames with SVFILE

Our SVFILE Converter Software converts the older style filenames into Windows style filenames automatically.

See SVFILE for download information.


Articles Related to Supravision

Read about the SVout feature in CNC Bender: CNC Bender - SVout Export Feature

See also DOCS - the replacement software for Supravision.

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