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Company Name: SMI

VTube OEM Partner and Distributor


OEM Partner and Distributor of VTube

As of July, 2012, SMI is a VTube distributor for Advanced Tubular Technologies. SMI offers VTube software as a solid model import tool for their Silver line of benders to their customers.

Silver Line of Benders

Sistemi Meccanici Industriali specialises in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for building components in copper pipe and light alloys.

Smi silver bender.jpg

Sample information from the SMI web site: "The SILVER 3, with its five controlled axes, stands at the top of world manufacture of pipe benders without mandrel with integrated orbital cut."

VTube and the new SMI Silver Export Feature

Vtube-step export smi bender file.jpg

As of version 1.77, VTube-STEP can export data to the Silver line of bender controls, allowing tube data to be converted from any solid model program into the Silver benders.

SMI Contact Information

Contact: Maria Campeotto
E-Mail: [email protected]

SMI s.r.l. Sistemi Meccanici Industriali
Via dell’Olmo, 5
33030 Varmo (UD) Italy,

phone +39.0432.778644
fax +39.0432.778411

C.FISCALE e P.IVA: 00542890306

English web site:

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