VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER Project File Compatibility

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All VTube License Modes Have 100% Compatible Project Files

VTube-STEP, VTube-LASER Programmer, and VTube-LASER save project files that are 100% compatible with each other.

For example, anyone who runs VTube-STEP can setup and save a VTube Project file (.vtp) that can be loaded into VTube-LASER or VTube-LASER Programmer.

This is ideal for customers that want to enter VTube-LASER data in remote locations (that is, away from the FARO arm). They purchase and use a separate license of VTube-STEP or VTube-LASER Programmer at reduced cost to create the setup for VTube then save the new VTP project file to a shared network location.

Then, when FARO operators need to measure and qualify that same part, they load the VTP project file from the network location into VTube-LASER, then send data to the bender, and/or start measuring the tube that was already bent.

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About the VTube-LASER Programmer License

You can setup a VTube-LASER project in VTube-STEP.

However, some customers also want to setup the LASER mode MEASURE SETUP variables that are not available in STEP mode - and they want to do this in remote locations away from the FARO ScanArm computer. So they purchase VTube-LASER Programmer to do this.

The VTube-LASER PROGRAMMER version is identical to VTube-LASER except that it will not connect to a FARO arm to measure parts.

Programmer mode costs half of a regular VTube-LASER license.

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How To Save Project Files that Compatible Even with Older Versions

All newer versions of VTube can load the project files from older versions of VTube.

Older versions don't recognize newer files, but newer versions can save in older file formats in the Save As Dialog as shown in the images on the right.

To determine the version of VTP file your VTube uses, click on the Save as Type pulldown list, and look for the latest version at the top of the list. VTube will, by default, always save the latest version of the VTP file.

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