Find and edit the HTML template files in VTube

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Use these steps to manually locate and edit VTube-STEP HTML report templates.

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Step 1

Explore to the VTube report folder:

In Windows 7 the HTML template files will be located in the c:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\VTube\report folder.

By default AppData is a hidden folder. You can use Control Panel / Folders command to change this to show all folders. The <UserName> is the login name being used to login to Windows.

In Windows XP, these files will be stored in C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Application Data\VTube\Report

Step 2

Load any of the HTML files that have the word "template" in them into a text editor of your choice - like into Notepad or Wordpad.

Step 3

Edit the template using the commands found in the appendix of the VTube manual or help file.

Step 4

Save the file. If you are using v1.63 or earlier, then you must save the changes to a file name "report_template.html". No other filename will work.

If you are using v1.64 or newer, you can create a new report template, then save to a new file. Version 1.64 can use any report template file at any time. We recommend that you include "template" in the name. Always use the ".htm" or ".html" filename extension for file naming.

Step 5

You can now use the new template in VTube-STEP.