How To Install VTube to Windows XP

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VTube has a problem understanding where the configuration folders are inside Windows XP without some manual setup work.

  1. On Windows 7, 8, and 10 computers, the installation program for VTube installs configuration data here: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\VTube\config".

  2. On Windows XP computers, the installation program will create the configuration folder here: "C:\Documents and Settings\All User\Shared Documents\VTube\config"

However, VTube will not find the Documents and Settings folder when it runs in Windows XP. The reason is that there is no knowledge of a PUBLIC folder path like there is in newer Windows versions.

How To Install VTube to Windows XP

DO NOT RUN VTUBE IMMEDIATELY AFTER INSTALLATION. Please follow the steps below to fix the problem before running VTube.


Load the File Explorer and create a C:\VTube folder. Leave the empty folder open in File Explorer.


Load another the File Explorer and browse to "C:\Documents and Settings\All User\Shared Documents\VTube"


Select and copy everything in the second folder and copy it to the C:\VTUBE folder.


Run VTube. VTube will find the files in C:\VTUBE (including the files in C:\VTUBE\CONFIG folder).

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