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Horn Machine Tools, Inc. is a popular brand of bender in the USA. They sell both Horn benders with BendPro controls and CSM benders from Taiwan.

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Distributor of VTube-STEP and Reseller of FARO VTube-LASER systems

HMT is an active distribution partner for our VTube software worldwide. They also actively demonstrate and sell the FARO ScanArm with VTube-LASER system in a special partnership with FARO.

See the Horn Machine Tool FARO/VTube-LASER Web Site

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HMT Control software

The HMT operator stations use the BendPro software. The CSM benders use the M3 (older) or M4 (newer) control software.


VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER Support for Horn Benders

VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER can export Supravision data to HMT and CSM benders.

Vtlaser communications with hmt.png

Contact Information

Horn Machine Tools, Inc.
40455 Brickyard Drive
Madera, CA 93636
Ph: (559) 431-4131
FX: (559) 431-4431

HMT Email Contacts
Sales Department: [email protected]
General Info: [email protected]
Service: [email protected]

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