Set the Number of Values Beyond the Decimal for VTube

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Vtube-step logo.jpg
Vtube-laser logo.jpg How to set the number of values beyond the decimal.

Vtube-step 3.2b778.jpg

Step 1 - Clear Project

Press the Clear Project button in the toolbar.

Step 2 - Enter System Options

Press the System Options button in the toolbar.


Step 3 - Inside System Options use the Math Setup Tab

Press the Math Setup tab, then the Significant Digit Display tab.

Vtube-mathsetup decimal1.jpg

Step 4 - Change the Decimal Setup

Update the decimals.


Step 5 - Switch to the Project Setup Tab

Change to the project setup tab and press the Set Project Default button the new default for clearing VTube.


Setup Complete

Now, whenever VTube is cleared for a new project, the new decimal places setup will take effect.