Issues with Raptr Online Gaming App PLAYS.TV

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Windows10 vtube stoppedworking dialog.png

The Problem

Customers that have gaming computers with the online gaming app that uses a PlaysTV may have problems starting VTube-STEP or VTube-LASER.

PlaysTV uses a DLL that causes VTube crash at start. The problem is not just with VTube - but apparently with other graphics type programs too.

This is the dialog that displays in Windows 10 in cases like this:


How to Confirm the Issue

When this kind of program stop occurs, the way to learn about the problem is to use the Windows 10 Event Viewer. In the Start search box, type "Event Viewer" and press enter.

Win10 eventviewer.png

1 - Expand "Windows Logs" by clicking on the right arrow just to its left.

2 - Click on "Application".

3 - Find the first Error in the log and double click on it.

Win10 eventviewer view error.png

Find the Problem in Event Properties

The Event Properties window will explain the nature of the problem (this is an example window from another error):

Win10 eventproperties event.png

Uninstall the PlaysTV Software

Use Control Panel Uninstall to uninstall the Raptr PlaysTV software.

Stop the Automatic Startup of PlaysTV

In Windows 10, right click on the Start button and click on Task Manager

Win10 rightclickstart taskmanager.png

Click on More Details in Task Manager

Win10 TaskManager MoreDetails.png

Click on the Startup Tab in Task Manager

Find the PlaysTV program and disable it.

Win10 taskmanager startup tab.png

Reboot the Computer

This will clear Raptr's PlaysTV from running memory.

Delete the Folder

Find the Raptr program folder (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Raptr ) and delete it.

Warning - Raptr PlaysTV Automatically Reinstalls at Raptr Update

Users report that PlaysTV will automatically install itself when updating Raptr. Be aware that you may have to perform this uninstall every time the Raptr software is updated if you use the gaming system on the VTube computer.

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