How to Change VTube VPort Color

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How VTube Controls the Viewport Color

VTube-STEP, VTube-LASER Programmer, and VTube-LASER control the viewport color with an image file in the config folder called "bkimg.bmp".

The file is stored in this folder: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\VTube\config".

The default image is a 256 x 256 bmp file that is shown on the right. This file has a blue gradient that changes the shade of blue from top to bottom.

Vtube config bkimg.png VTube Background Image Blue.png

Vtube step v2.3 demo4 blueviewport.png

Change the Color

You can change this background color by changing the color in this BMP file.

For example, if you want an all white background, you can use an image editor to great a solid white square and save it to that file. (We recommend that you make a copy of the original file. If you want the original background back, then you can just overwrite the file BMP file with the original.

Close and reopen VTube to show the change in the viewport.

VTube Background Image White.png

VTube v2.3 WithWhiteViewport.png

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