How to Import a Supravision File

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Import a Supravision Part into VTube-LASER

Supravision files can be used as the MASTER data in VTube-LASER.

Press the Import Supravision file button in the toolbar to import the data.

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Import a Supravision Part in VTube-STEP

Import Supravision files into VTube-STEP using the Import/Export button in the navigation pane.

Click on Import Supravision in the Import section of the menu.

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About Supravision Files

Supravision files usually have a filename extension of $$$.

They are text files that contain part setup, XYZ, and LRA data usually.

They were used by Supravision software to save and load Supravision project files - so they contain a lot of data that VTube understands.

(Supravision software was retired a few years ago by ROMER. It was one of the standards in the industry for decades.)


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