How to Export to a COMCO CSV File in VTube-STEP

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This page describes how to export a COMCO CSV file from VTube-STEP.

You can use this feature to convert STEP file data into tube data and then export COMCO CSV data for bender set up.

Initial Template File Set Up at the COMCO

Before building COMCO CSV files in VTube-STEP, it is important to build template files from the COMCO control.

Do this by creating a setup in COMCO for each potential bend count.

For example, if you know you will want to build a 5-bend part from VTube-STEP, then you will need to first build a 5-bend CSV file in COMCO and share that file with VTube-STEP. This is because VTube only overwrites the bender data inside COMCO files. That process requires that the bend counts match between VTube and the template file.

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Export each setup as a CSV file to a thumb drive or network using the CSV in/output screen.

Vtube-step v3 comco csv inout screen.png


STEP 1 - Import a Solid Model or Manually Enter Part Data in VTube

Import Solid Model

You can import data using one of the import formats - like import a STEP or IGES model of a tube shown here.

Vtube-step model sample5.png

Autobuild Cylindrical Tube

This shows VTube-STEP after the Autobuild process is complete. It calculates the centerline, diameter, and radii data from the model.

Vtube-step v3 autobuild.png

STEP 2 - Enter the Import/Export Menu button in the Navigation Pane

Click on the Import/Export button in the Navigation Pane.

Now click on the EXPORT Supravision button in the EXPORT section of the menu.

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STEP 3 - Click on the BEGIN button in the Export Window

This will take you through the steps to export to a COMCO CSV file.

Vtube-step v3 COMCOExportWindow.png

VTube will explain the two step process.

Vtube-step v3 export comcocsv twostep help.png

STEP 4 - Choose a CSV Template File

Choose the CSV Template file that you exported from the COMCO control.

In this example, we are importing a 5 bend part template, because we are outputting a 5 bend part from VTube-STEP.

Vtube-step v3 import comco filemanager.png

As soon as you click Open, a dialog will appear explaining STEP 2 again.

Vtube-step v3 import comco two-step step2.png

STEP 5 - Save a New COMCO CSV File

Now VTube-STEP asks you to choose a new name for the OUTPUT CSV file that will be built.

Suggestion: If you don't want to overwrite the template file, then you can give the CSV file a new name.

Vtube-step v3 chooseOutputNameCOMCOcsv.png

VTube-STEP will show a "SUCCESS" dialog if the file was exported properly.

Vtube-step v3 COMCOcsv exportsuccess.png

STEP 6 - Import the New CSV File at the COMCO Control

Take the CSV file to the COMCO control and import it through the CSV menu.

(Keep in mind that may have to unappoint the program from bending memory if it is the same one that you are importing. Then reappoint the part to bend it.)

Comco control.png

How to Move the COMCO CSV Export Button to the Top

To make it easier to get to, you might want to move the COMCO CSV export button to the top of the EXPORT list.

1 - Click on the display setup button.

2 - Click on the button name in the list and then move it up to the top.

(Tip: Click once on Move Up, then press and hold the Enter key to repeat the move up.)

3 - Press OK to close the window.

Vtube-step v3 ExportArrangeButtons COMCOCSV.png

The buttons will reorder based on your setup.

Vtube-step v3 COMCOCSVButtonMovedToTop.png

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