Reverse the Tube Ends

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Reverse the Tube Ends

It is often necessary to reverse the tube ends in order to bend the part from the other end of the tube. To reverse the tube ends, you can right click on the XYZ grids for the MASTER or MEASURED data and click on Reverse XYZ Data.

Vtube-laser v2.5 reverse tubeends.png

Reversed Point Labels

When you reverse the XYZ rows, VTube will also reverse the point labels.

With the point labels reversed, it is a good idea to look at the END LABELS rather than the POINT LABELS to determine which end to measure first.

See the effect in the image on the right. The END A label is at point 9 in this part after a reverse of the XYZ data.

Vtube-laser 2.5 reverse point labels.png

Reset the Reversed Point Labels

You can reset the point labels from being reversed with the XYZ reverse feature.

Right click on the XYZ grid and the click on Reset Point Labels.

Vtube v2.5 reset point labels.png Vtube v2.5 effect of reset point labels.png

Vtube-laser v2.5 tubeimage with pointlabels.png

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