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CAD Conversion Tools for VTube

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VTube imports STEP and IGES file formats. They are universally supported by all solid model CAD packages. However, in some cases, you may not have access to STEP or IGES files. To convert from other CAD formats to STEP, we have tested and recommend the following programs:


Vtube-step 3dtoolscreen.jpg

This Premium version of 3D-Tool includes a converter that converts the native models to standard file formats like STEP. The program is also excellent for measuring any geometry available in the model.

CATIA V5 R2 - R22 (*.CATPart, *.CATProduct)
CATIA V4 4.1.9 - 4.2.4 (*.model, *.exp, *.session)
Pro/E 16 - Wildfire 5, Creo1.0 (*.prt, , *.asm , *.xpr, *.xas)
Autodesk Inventor 6-2012 (*.ipt), 11-2012 (*.iam)
Solidworks, 98-2012 (*.sldasm, sldprt)
Unigraphics 11-18, NX-NX8 (*.prt)
STEP files (*.stp, *.step)
IGES files (*.igs, *.iges)
VDA files (*.vda)
SAT files (*.sat)
PARASOLID files V10-V25 (*.x_t; *.x_b)
STL-Dateien (*.stl)
VRML1, VRML2 files (*.wrl)
Render files (*.slp)
PLY files (*.ply)
XGL files (*.xgl *.zgl)
OBJ files (*.obj)
3DS files (*.3ds *prj *.pli)
ASC files (*.asc)
DXF files 3D (*.dxf , 3D-Faces)
Inventor files (*.iv)
3D-Tool files (*.ddd)
3D-Tool-EXE files (*.exe)
DXF files (2D) (*.dxf)
DWG files (2D) (*.dwg)
HPGL (2D) (*.plt, *.plo, *.hpg)

Magic View & Converter

We recommend Magic View & Converter to import and view CATIA notes files. (This is only a viewer program.)

Magicviewconverter screen solid.jpg

Magicviewconverter screen.jpg

AutoCAD to STEP Plug-in

Syscode autocad step.jpg

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