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Steps to IMPORT Report Templates files

STEP 1 - Switch to the Report Menu

Switch to the Reports menu and under the Template Tab menu click on the Import button.

Vtube-reports template tabmenu1.jpg

STEP 2 - Import the HTML Template

Browse to the location of the template file to be imported, choose the file, and press the Open button. Note that the file type should be an html - which is a web page format.

During this import processs, there is no need to manually copy the file to the configuration folder. VTube will be automatically copy any file you import with the Open button to the report templates folder.

Vtube-reports browse to template1.jpg

STEP 3 - It will be added to the BOTTOM of the List

The new imported report template will be added to the bottom of the list if it was not in the list before.

Scroll down to find it.

Vtube-reports bottom list.png

STEP 4 - Now you can move the Report template up in the List

Use the List MOVE UP or MOVE DOWN buttons to move the report template up the list if you want to use it often.

Here is a helpful tip for quick moves:

  1. Click on the report so that it turns light blue in the row.

  2. Click on the MOVE UP button ONE time.

  3. Then start tapping or holding the SPACE BAR or the ENTER key to move the report quickly up the list.

This works for both Move UP or Down.

Vtube-reports moveup inlist.png

Remember that Templates Lists for VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER Are Different

Remember that VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER keep separate lists of templates intentionally. They can both share templates, but if you want a report in both VTube modes, then you will need to import the same template into both the STEP and LASER Report menus.

If you do this, then VTube will ask if you want to overwrite the template file during the second import. This is ok to do - because the template file is identical for both modes.

If this is the case, then press "Continue" during the second import when the warning message appears.

Vtube overwrie existing template.png

Steps to CREATE Report Templates files

This is for the brave that are familiar with HTML file data. Please ask if you need a new template - we can help if your VTube-LASER Software Maintenance Agreement is active!

Edit and Save a New Template File

The easiest way to start a new template is to use one the existing templates to create a new template.

Using a File Explorer, go to the "C:\Users\Public\Documents\VTube\config\report" folder and copy one of the template files to another folder.

VTube will start the import from the
"\My documents\VTube"
folder - so it works well to copy the file there.

RENAME the template filename. Be sure to give it a filename that is not already in the template list. Always give the new file a filename extension of ".html".

Edit that template in an editor like Notepad+ so that it contains the items you want in a report.

Save the edits to the new html file.


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