Differences Between VTube License Types

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Levels of Licenses

There are three levels of licenses:

  1. VTube-STEP: VTube-STEP imports parts and creates master nominal bender data. VTube-STEP is priced at about 25% of VTube-LASER. VTube-STEP is file-compatible with VTube-LASER, which means it can be used to create VTube project files for VTube-LASER systems. Unlike VTube-LASER Programmer, VTube-STEP can only import and save the project MASTER data. It cannot control measure setup parameters.

  2. VTube-LASER: VTube-LASER is built on VTube-STEP (which means every VTube-LASER also has the VTube-STEP features). Plus VTube-LASER can measure and qualify parts using a scan arm measuring center. VTube-LASER alone can correct bender data. VTube-LASER is the top-tier license we offer that includes every feature available in the VTube-LASER line of osftware..

  3. VTube-LASER Programmer: VTube-LASER Programmer is identical to VTube-LASER, except that it cannot connect to a measuring center. It is ideal for a complete VTube-LASER setup by technicians. VTube-LASER Programmer is priced at 50% of VTube-LASER.

Frequently Asked Question: What are the differences between VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER PROGRAMMER?

VTube-LASER PROGRAMMER does everything VTube-LASER does except connect to measuring centers. It is intended to give complete offline control over VTube-LASER project setups.

Here is a list of differences between the licenses:

  1. All versions of VTube allow you to import solid models and convert the data to MASTER data.
  2. All versions allow you to set the default tangent point tolerance.
  3. Only VTube-LASER (VTL) and VTube-LASER PROGRAMMER (VTLP) allow for complete measuring center setup. Measuring center setup is a section that controls all of the parameters that apply to measuring tubes.  If your technicians want complete control over every part of VTube-LASER measuring setup, then VTLP is the way to go.
  4. VTLP allows technicians to load existing VTube-LASER project files and view Tube Data Storage - which allows for viewing the historical data for all measurements.  VTube-STEP cannot do this.
  5. VTLP can align a measured tube to a master tube. VTube-STEP cannot do this.
  6. Technicians can setup the Bender Setup screen (choose which bender with which to communicate) in VTLP. VTube-STEP does not have this feature.
  7. VTLP can recall data from benders. VTube-STEP cannot.
  8. VTLP is identical to VTube-LASER with the exception that it cannot connect to a measuring center.
  9. VTLP can build inspection reports.  VTube-STEP cannot.

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