Transform the Part To Make Any Bend True

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Transform MASTER Centerline Data so Any Bend is True in the XY Plane

  • Transform the centerline orientation so that any bend is true.
  • The 0,0,0 datum is always placed at the center of the true bend radius.
  • This feature can be combined with the automatic SOLIDWORKS output in order to automate the building of the tube in an orientation that is perfect for designing compound tools. You can also output the model in the STEP format - which means the model can be transferred to any solid modeling program.
  • This feature works in both VTube-STEP or VTube-LASER.

Vtube transform truebend one.png

Before transformation:
Vtube hvac transform none.jpg

After transformation with bend 1 true to the XY plane:
Vtube hvac transform one.jpg