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Software Updates

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2019

January 14, 2019 CNC Bender v15.20
  • Manual mode CYCLE HOLD pause cancels all manual jogs. This feature will not allow manual jogs to continue after presssing Cycle Start.
  • The Push Bend button is now made invisible when the feature is not enabled.
  • The Realtime Variable Gearing button is now made invisible when the feature is not enabled.*

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Third Quarter - 2018

August 10, 2018 CNC Bender v15.18.1
  • New Increased patience for motion PDA at zero algorithm
July 10, 2018 CNC Bender v15.17.1
  • New Feed Clearance patience algorithm

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2018

March 24, 2018 CNC Bender v15.15.1
  • New Include RADIUS SHIFT in Post-bending Feed Action After Bend Arm option
February 24, 2018 CNC Bender v15.14.1
  • New Post-bending Feed Action After Bend Arm option
  • New "Add More" feature in Benderlink
  • Many fixes for connection to legacy I2T modules
February 9, 2018 CNC Bender v15.10.1
  • Faster Axis Enables and Disables
  • Quick Safety Mat then Renable now works without causing Galil to shutdown
  • Boolean check for dynamic options now works in process lists without bombing CNC Processor
  • Custom Unload no longer automatically returns the bend arm.
  • Benderlink now can send one bend parts.
January 17, 2018 CNC Bender v15.9.7 POSTBEND CHUCK CLOSE SKIP is now separate and independent from PREBEND CHUCK CLOSE SKIP.

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Third Quarter - 2017

September 16, 2017 CNC Bender v15.9.5 HUGE reductions in cycle times for customers that use CUSTOM COMMANDS. We added Activate End Custom Commands feature to skip unused Custom Commands in the Process List

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2017

May 15, 2017 CNC Bender v15.9.1 Made more hard-coded CIO output names into configurable namesn for flexibility.
February 25, 2017 CNC Bender v15.1 Fixed Pressure Die Assist RVG (Realtime Variable Gearing) for Galil, Added a Tube Support 2., Fixed long pause when entering the TubeShape menu.
December 16, 2016 CNC Bender v15 Screen 16:9 aspect ratio compatibility

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2016

March 22, 2016 CNC Bender v14.9-r11 Direct axis jogs improvement, Parts path issue fixed, user interface fix.
March 10, 2016 CNC Bender v14.9-r10 Benderlink change for ROMER software communications, carriage cross slide check enhancements
January 22, 2016 CNC Bender v14.9-r9 Enhancements mostly to the TEACH mode.
January 11, 2016 CNC Bender v14.9-r8 Fix to problem autobuilding with slightly negative numbers in Motion Commands

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Third Quarter - 2015

September 1, 2015 CNC Bender v14.9 New Mandrel Support feature - to support the mandrel rod behind the carriage

August 11, 2015 CNC Bender v14.8 Extra clamp opens before Pressue Die Return with Timer, Test Bend changes

July 24, 2015 CNC Bender v14.7 Custom All Dies Open option is added to the Bend options.

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Second Quarter - 2015

April 11, 2015 CNC Bender v14.1 CNC Bender can now use Galil DMC controls.

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Third Quarter - 2014

August 25, 2014 CNC Bender v12.12 The machine lube feature in CNC Processor can now use an input LOW as active. The feature will now also stop if it is active and the E-Stop is pressed.
July 16, 2014 CNC Bender v12.11 Tool page no longer clears when Tube Shape data is cleared in FRB page, new radius shift away option during part release, fixed crash bug when editing custom commands

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2014

February 25, 2014 CNC Bender v12.8 The custom commands motion handling is repaired. Option panels clear if no options are in the options list. The Enable button for options no longer disappears when switching options.
January 20, 2014 CNC Bender v12.7 Bend arm can return while carriage moves to start position
January 2, 2014 CNC Bender v12.6 Password protected options

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Third Quarter - 2013

October 7, 2013 CNC Bender v12.4 Benderlink enhanced, CNC Processor gives servo modules more time between commands, Skip Run fixed
October 3, 2013 CNC Bender v12.3 Pulldown box fix in keyboard, added timeout for controlled jogs even when the bender is in CYCLE HOLD, spelling error fix in "could not save" dialog
September 27, 2013 CNC Bender v12.2 New FEED and PDA motion geared to Bend arm axis
August 30, 2013 CNC Bender v12.1.2 Motion recovery logic adjusted
August 26, 2013 CNC Bender v12.1.1 FRB Clear repairs, Cycle Hold PDA Output Stop
August 5, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130805 Swing-away wiper logic enhanced
July 24, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130724 CNC Bender now allows press Auto mode or any manual mode in CYCLE HOLD, then press CYCLE START
July 23, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130723 Commands (COMDEFS) can be taught to skip CYCLE HOLD.
July 10, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130710 Added "Skip Step Tolerance" to main.axislist, added bend arm return to zero after run buttons
July 3, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130703 Fixed password protected Notes fields

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Second Quarter - 2013

June 17, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130617 Added Option Edit password protection for CNC Bender.
May 30, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130530 Manual page button alignment
May 17, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130517 CNC Bender will no longer go into STEP or AUTO modes if the home process was never completed.
May 06, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130506 CNC Bender setup parameters now clear with CLEAR ALL in the Tube Shape menu
April 29, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130429 Enhanced in-position logic for motion commands

April 23, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130423 New brand of key can switch on Benderlink option

April 22, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130422 Changed two COMDEF names interally, added support for new hardware keys

April 8, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130408 Adjusted Manual Page user interface to make buttons more organized. They now only appear when their features are activated.

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2013

January 31, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130131 Adjusted Manual Page user interface to make Direct Axis jog button line up with other controls.

January 25, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130125 Fixed Logic: The Prebend Custom Command is now loaded from the CNC Bender part files.

January 03, 2013 CNC Bender v12-20130103 Fixed logic in 3 level vertical shift with 1 cylinder

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Fourth Quarter - 2012

September 24, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120924 Fixed logic in Early Mandrel Extraction

September 19, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120919 Communications logic adjusted for new Windows version of Vector-LASERVISION. New Jog Queue Windows location

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Third Quarter - 2012

August 30, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120830 Added new options for the Autoloader manual page.

July 28, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120728 Implemented a stronger HALT in CNC Processor to be sure motion commands are halted during E-Stop.

July 23, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120723 Radius Level Command Naming Simplified and Programmable

July 20, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120720 Fixed drop-down boxes in CNC Bender

July 17, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120717 Repair the move to 4th radius level in the manual page.

July 7, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120707 Set bend acceleration and deceleration with Manual incremental and absolute moves.

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Second Quarter - 2012

June 29, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120629 Toolbox repair and Benderlink enhancement.

June 22, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120622 Handles radius 4, and other enhancements.

June 1, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120601 Solved a Rear Boost Mode issue.

May 17, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120517 Repairs to counters in the Run Page, PDA return in Test Bend, and others

April 26, 2012 CNC Bender v12-20120426 Pressure Die Retract Pressure and other features

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Fourth Quarter - 2011

December 29, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20111229 Repair to the Pressure Die interference zone collision logic

December 22, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20111222 New Pressure Die SERVO axis gives very precise pressure die capture positions.

December 15, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20111215 New communications with GE-Fanuc robot to send current part running in Auto mode. More control in Prebend over Rotate axis seam/scribe/hole detect.

November 30, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20111130 Repairs to Test Bend mode with PDA motion. Hold carriage in position after arriving at the LOAD position. Tube Support works properly during homing.

November 20, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20111120 XYZ to FRB calculation for linear distances repaired, extra horizontal clamp die close change to work with all die close modes.

November 03, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20111103 CNC Processor high speed constant run timer issue resolved.

November 01, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20111101 Boost bender feature, Hines 800 bender features, pulse enable at halt, enable only to run

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Second Quarter - 2011

June 7, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110607 Fixes to CNC Processlist Builder

May 25, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110525 New logic added. COMDEF Editor enhancements. Fixes

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2011

March 23, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110323 Logic for manual hand benders added.

March 8, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110308 Tolerance for temporary lost HOME state increased.

February 15, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110215 CNC Processor avoidance logic update

February 12, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110212 Better option visibility control for OEMs

January 28, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110128 Allow Commands to ignore STEP mode to reduce none-motion steps

January 27, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110127 Low-level enhancements for making unused options disappear

January 13, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110113 Input logic enhanced in CNC Processor

January 12, 2011 CNC Bender v12-20110112 Some repairs to the Test Bend manual page

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Fourth Quarter - 2010

December 23, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20101223 Redesigned Run Page, Moved Step List to Diagnostic page
November 16, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20101116 Absolute Pre-Rotate Delay added in Prebend options to allow the feed axis to move the chuck off the tube before rotating
November 02, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20101102 Joystick-activated jog changes, new default jog speeds reset, teach mode dual jogs fixed
October 26, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20101026 Logic fixes
October 21, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20101021 Allow early mandrel extract on last bend, Added timer to PreEnable processlist, Removed restriction for keyboard functions in all windows except jog buttons
October 05, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20101005 Enhancements for LOAD and START programming

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Third Quarter - 2010

September 03, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100903 CYCLE HOLD in Teach Mode, Require ENABLE Button for STEP and AUTO modes, Ramp-down Jogging, PDA Home Tolerance, New Jog Speeds
August 27, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100827 Run Buttons enhancements, new Feed Distance Adjust Percent in each Bend option
August 20, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100820 New vertical head-shift servo axis, new EDIT keyswitch, new embedded tube support handling, new Mandrel Lube timers, new friendly axis EOTs (End of Travels), Huge system optimization to reduce CPU usage.
July 7, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100707 All output modules use extended sustain time
July 2, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100702 CNC Bender joystick or teach pendant response now instant, CNC Benderlink sends radii to the measuring center

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Second Quarter - 2010

June 1, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100611 CNC Bender can now jog with a joystick or teach pendant
April 14, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100414 Benderlink database handling, single radius carriage shifting, direct axes jog buttons
April 7, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100407 Timer logic adjustment, user interface resource leak repair

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2010

March 30, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100330 Hitch Feed Linear Distance Conversion
March 24, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100324 Machine Lube logic adjustment
March 16, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100316 New feature - Feed Speed Percentage Adjustment
March 11, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100311 Mandrel lube logic adjustment
March 09, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100309 Recapture logic adjustment
March 04, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100304 New: Clear ALL pages in the Tube Shape Data Menu
March 03, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100303 New built-in Benderlink menu with powerful edit features
February 4, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100204 Increased tolerance for PDA and bend arm interaction
January 27, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100127 Removed Low Level option visibility feature no longer needed
January 15, 2010 CNC Bender v12-20100105 New v12 version with Teach Mode: Teach your bender any motion for difficult transitions between bends.

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2010 - v11

January 05, 2010 CNC Bender v11-20100105 Added new "Robot Clear" protection mode, Removed "energize dies" dialog at Cycle Start

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Fourth Quarter - 2009

December 29, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091229 Optimization for motion commands, mandrel-check and tube destroyer feature
December 18, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091218 Critical update for Feed accuracy when moving forward while bend arm is returning, optimizations
December 01, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091201 Overcoming Absolute move issues when near zero, Conditional Edge Trigger improvements allow for a single button to toggle states in CNC Bender
November 23, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091123 Support for Windows Vista, 7 (including 64 bit). Edit the new High Speed Constant Run Process List in Low Level, Improved error messages for missing process lists
November 18, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091118 Improvements for features from 20091104 version and 20090518 version
November 12, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091112 Added dedicated TIMEOUT for Wait for Not End Cycle
November 4, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091104 Optimizations aimed to trim 2 to 4 seconds off each part cycle
October 22, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091022 Push Bend Profile Setup NAME, PDA-RVG Profile Setup NAME, Keyboard Repair
October 19, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091019 Keyboard filtering, Automatic Adjust from Other Benders, Push Bend Profile Enhancements, PDA-RVG Profile Enhancements
October 7, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20091007 Spacebar filtering, Reset Rotate Enable/Disable, PID Tuning On/Off

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Third Quarter - 2009

September 28, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090928 Absolute Rotate during Final Feed Clearance Move, New Mandrel Retract for Part Release
September 23, 2009 CNC Bender v11-200900923 CNC Bender now shuts motor down even if in CYCLE HOLD, Optimized Absolute Rotate
September 15, 2009 CNC Bender v11-200900915 Optimized Pressure Die commands based on low level setup plus enhancements.
August 27, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090827 Now secondary processes can use [CYCLEHOLD] to put benders in the hold state.
August 26, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090826 New "End Cycle" Mode can be switched by external processes
August 19, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090819 New set Manual, Step, or Auto Modes for Stack Lights
July 29, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090729 Refined Side Loader and Hopper options, New Kicker option
July 1, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090701 New FRB copy feature for serpentine parts

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Second Quarter - 2009

June 26, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090626 Tool page fix for toolbox, Single radius shifting fix
June 09, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090609 Seam Detect MODE, redesigned message window, new formula operators, new BEGIN timers, new PreEnable process list, new Automatic Chuck Close
June 05, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090605 Minor debug in repair of the horizontal shift [IF] logic
May 28, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090528 Minor debug in displaying proper units for calculation of XYZ to FRB
May 18, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090518 Minor debug allowing for AllDiesToClose After motion-controlled PDA return
May 15, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090515 Infinitely variable radius with twist, Make contiguous push bend profile sections to form complex part
April 08, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090408 The MANDREL is now controlled PER BEND (rather than OVERALL)

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - First Quarter - 2009

March 30, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090330 Enhanced for Processlist Compiler - Optimized Radius Shifting Logic
March 26, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090326 Increased Flexibility: Changed "Feed Away From Dies" Logic to "Radius Shift Away", Moved from OVERALL options to RADIUS options
March 20, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090320 Enhanced for Processlist Compiler - Carriage Radius Level Logic
February 10, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090210 Fix for Processlist Compiler - PreCommand Commands
January 26, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090126 New Load and Save in Tool Page, Low Level Option Rewording for Clarification

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Last Quarter - 2008

January 20, 2009 CNC Bender v11-20090120 Multitasking process enhancements
December 30, 2008 CNC Bender v11-20081230 Helical Hitch Feed Push Bending for extended lengths, Precision Gearing of Twist
December 18, 2008 CNC Bender v11-20081218 New Cycle Time Log
December 16, 2008 CNC Bender v11-20081216 Better log handling
December 11, 2008 CNC Bender v11-20081211 New smarter radius shifting, updated CIO.exe

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Fall 2008

Fixes to PDA Motion return home
November 6, 2008CNC Bender v11-20081106
October 9, 2008CNC Bender v11-20081009New "recent parts" list in File Open menu
October 8, 2008CNC Bender v11-20081008PreLoad works even without a side loader
October 1, 2008CNC Bender v11-20081001Direct Axis Jog Clipboard - Jog an axis from any screen, Unlimited radius levels

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - September 2008

September 23, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080923
September 19, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080918
September 15, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080915

Gears view small.png CNC Bender - Summer 2008

These versions are for horizontal draw-bending and horizontal push-bending.

August 23, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080823
August 22, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080822
August 13, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080813
July 29, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080729
July 25, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080725Helical Coil Bending Introduced
July 15, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080715
April 25, 2008CNC Bender v11-20080424Push Bending Introduced

Gear ok.png CNC Bender - January-April 2008

April 15, 2008 CNC Bender v10-20080415
April 10, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080410
April 7, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080407
March 29, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080329
March 19, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080319
February 26, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080226
February 19, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080219
February 14, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080214
February 7, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080207
January 8, 2008CNC Bender v10-20080108

Gear ok.png CNC Bender - July-December 2007

December 17, 2007CNC Bender v10-20071217
November 20, 2007CNC Bender v10-20071120
October 30, 2007CNC Bender v10-20071030
October 3, 2007CNC Bender v10-20071003
September 28, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070928
September 20, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070920
September 14, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070914
August 28, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070828
August 3, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070803
July 26, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070726b
July 11, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070711
July 5, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070705
July 2, 2007CNC Bender v10-20070702

As of July 2, 2007, the ProControl and LiteControl were combined into one development platform. All changes to one platform automatically effect the other platform

Gear ok.png For ProControl Only

March 30, 2007CNC Bender ProControl 10-20070330
March 15, 2007CNC Bender ProControl
November 6, 2006CNC Bender ProControl
October 27, 2006CNC Bender ProControl
July 17, 2006CNC Bender ProControl
May 15, 2006CNC Bender ProControl

Gear ok.png For Older LiteControl on 800x600 Screens

Cncbender litcontrol logo.jpg

September 5, 2008CNC Bender LiteControl
May 30, 2008CNC Bender LiteControl

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