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Check.jpg NEW - Rotate Reset Mode (Low Level)

By default, the ROTATE AXIS is reset to ZERO degrees between all bends in auto mode. However, there are customer applications where it makes better sense for the rotate axis angle to never reset rotate position.

So now the new Rotate Reset Mode allows you to control if the rotate axis is reset to zero between every bend by default.

If you intend to use Absolute Pre-Rotate Enable (See Absolute Rotate) with multiple parts in the Runlist, and the axis should never reset itself except when homing, then the Rotate Reset mode can be set to DISABLE.

The default mode is ENABLED - (Reset the rotate axis to zero between bends).

Benderimage rotatepart.jpg
Cncbender rotateresetmode.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Bend Axis PID Insert Mode (Low Level)

The new Bend Axis PID Insert Mode controls if the PID Tuning COMDEFs are inserted into the processlist.

Bendaxis PID insertmode.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Spacebar Filter Mode (Low Level)

Pressing the spacebar in Windows causes any focused button to "click." This can cause manual jog moves with the press of the spacebar. Some users prefer that this Windows feature be disabled for better safety.


This version of CNC Bender has a new Spacebar Filter Mode in Low Level that, by default, will prevent the "clicking" of any buttons or controls in CNC Bender software using the spacebar. The exceptions are:

  • When CNC Bender is in the Low Level menu.
  • When the CNC Bender numeric keypad is active.

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Check.jpg NEW - Notes Included in General Section of Reports

Customers have asked us to display the note data from the General Setup in all report.

So now this data is automatically included in any CNC Bender report that displays the General section.

The notes display is included in the Load Part File and Load Tool File menus.

Click on the image to see a closeup.

Cncbender notesdata displayed.jpg

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