CNC Bender v11-20090928

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Check.jpg NEW - Simultaneous Absolute Rotate DURING Final Feed Clearance for Faster Cycles

This version of CNC Bender uses secondary process lists to set the Absolute Rotate position in the chuck while the Final Feed Clearance move is in action.

This can trim seconds off the part cycle - especially in cases where the Absolute Rotate Offset Position is far from zero degrees.

Check.jpg NEW - Separate Part Release Mandrel Retract Command for Faster Cycles

A Mandrel Retract Part Release command is added to separate it from all other Mandrel Retraction commands.

Since this feature allows CNC Bender to treat the last mandrel retraction separately from the in-bend mandrel retractions, you can increase a pause in the command after the final mandrel retraction while decreasing or eliminating the pauses or prox. switch examinations in the in-bend mandrel retractions - thus shaving cycle time.

In-Bend Mandrel Retract Command


New Part Release Mandrel Retract Command


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