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The TS-2000 control is a Windows-based control that was designed by Tom Glissman. TS-2000 controls were initially based on the Windows NT platform. They are now shipped with the Windows XP platform.


About TS-2000 Measure Center Communications

The TS-2000 software allows for communication using the Supravision SVNET protocol. This is a purchased option for the control (not all TS-2000 controls have this option enabled). Communications are straightforward, efficient, and very fast.

The TS-2000 can also be setup to communicate with:

  • FARO ScanArms running our VTube-LASER software
  • Benderlink software that is used to communicate between Pines controls and other types of measuring centers.

How to Check if Communications are Possible

The Supravision link is sold by PINES as an option. It's important to verify that this option is switched on when discovering if a TS-2000 is ready for communication. The main window contains 16 touchscreen buttons starting with XYZ in the upper left. If the upper-right button reads "Supravision Link", then the option is enabled on that TS-2000 control. If the button says "External Link", then communications are not activated.

What Pines Technology will Need to Activate the Communications Feature

Pines Technology will need to send you a setup program to enable communications. They will ask for this information:

  1. Machine Serial Number
  2. Software Version Number

You can find both of these values in the caption of the TS-2000 software. The software version will be a four digit number like or