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Benderlink for FARO software connects FARO arms using FARO CAM2 software to tube bending machines.

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How it Works

  • Effectively connects a FARO arm to a network of benders.
  • Uses FARO XYZ data to send NEW data to benders, or CORRECT existing data.
  • Stores a persistent network of benders - Each bender can have its own unique settings (as of v1.2)


Demonstration Movie

Watch as Michael Cone demonstrates Benderlink for FARO.

Blink faro movie1.jpg

Software Updates

Screen Shot Date Released Link to Page New Features
Blinkfaro mainscreen v1.5.jpg July 22, 2010 Benderlink for FARO 1.5
  • Added bend data reverse feature
  • Compatible with 64 bit computers
  • Improved logic for working with AddisonMckee benders
  • Screen snap
  • Memory leak fix
Blinkfaro mainscreen v1.3.jpg February 9, 2009 Benderlink for FARO 1.3
  • New Adjust Correction Data Screen - allows you to adjust the corrections data before sending it to a bender.
  • Improved logic for finding the smallest rotation correction angle. Automatic inversions occur when the angle is larger than 180 or less than -180.
Blinkfaro mainscreen v1.2.jpg February 3, 2009 Benderlink for FARO 1.2
  • Now EDIT the part number (it is no longer fixed)
  • New Bender Network Data: Each bender uses unique settings that are instantly recalled
  • New wider panel for long part numbers
  • New splash screen
  • New Help File

FARO Arm Compatibility

  • Software Tested: FARO CAM2 Measure Version
  • Arm Tested: Advantage FaroArm


Blinkfaroblm datasheet image.jpg

Download an applications datasheet for the FARO Arm and BLM Benders.

Bender Compatibility

  1. Benderlink for CNC Bender (SMT)
  2. Benderlink for Eaton Leonard (Velog, EL-2000, Premier)
  3. Benderlink for Chiyoda / KEINS
  4. Benderlink for Flexbender (Wayne Trail Technologies)
  5. Benderlink for MiiC
  6. Benderlink for AMCS
  7. Benderlink for BLM
  8. Benderlink for Crown
  9. Benderlink for Addison to Romer
  • This software is capable of connecting and correcting any bender that uses the Supravision Network protocol. This includes:
  1. All Advanced Tubular controlled CNC Benders
  2. All CurrentTech controlled CNC benders
  3. All TS-2000 PINES Benders


Feature Details

  • Loads XYZ export files created by CAM2
  • Accepts drag and drop FARO files
  • Checks for the proper FARO file format while loading
  • The CAM2 export file can contain multiple tube constuctions from measurements and multiple nominal constructions, so Benderlink allows

the operator to indicate which tube shape is to be used as measured and which is to be used as nominal.

  • Choose to send nominal data as NEW data to connected benders or...
  • Choose to send measured data as NEW data (for reverse engineering) or...
  • Choose to send correction data to the bender.
  • Bend radius, cut length, and diameter is transferred when NEW data is sent to the bender
  • Connection to benders uses the SVNET protocol. Benderlink acts as a client measuring center. Benders respond using the standard SVNET protocol.
  • True corrections are handled within a few seconds. Data recall does not occur until after the decision to send corrections to the bender. During a correction, the operator station data is recalled, corrections are made, then the data is sent back to the operator station within a few seconds.
  • The bender number to call is programmable (from 1 to 99)
  • The recall timeout is programmable in seconds (1 and up)
  • Values programmed into the software are saved to a configuration file for use next time Benderlink is loaded.
  • Quickly check the quality of the network connection using a "Check Network Connection" button.
  • Long route rotation settings are preserved during correction.
  • The current FARO filename, part number, and units are displayed at the top of the Benderlink window after the XYZ file is loaded
  • The current bender data for the NOMINAL values are displayed in a updated report log. The data is displayed in both inch and millimeter

units at the same time.

  • The current bender data for the MEASURED values are displayed in an updated report log. The data is displayed in both inch and millimeter units at the same time.
  • If both NOMINAL and MEASURED tube sections are found and extracted from the FARO CAM2 data, then the updated report log also displays the CORRECTION values that will be applied if the operator sends corrections to the bender.
  • Special scenario warning: Warns if a correction is about to be sent a second time without also loading new FARO data into the software. This

helps prevent accidental accumulations to the bender values.

  • Special scenario warning: Warns if data must be sent as NOMINAL data only, then gives the choice of stopping the transfer.
  • A status log is displayed at the bottom of the screen to show special messages regarding the state of the transfer.
  • Sound is used to indicate the start of transfers and the completion of transfers. A successful transfer announces "Your transfer is completed."
  • In addition to sound, dialog windows are used to display information about important events occurring - like transfers of data to benders.

PDF DataSheet

Blink faro datasheet thumb.jpg

Download a DataSheet for Benderlink for FARO