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SVNET = Supravision Network Protocol

This protocol allows bi-directional communications with benders. It was developed by Foad Rekabi as a way to pass Supravision data from measuring center to bender and back.

A good number of benders use this protocol for communications as it is used in the ROMER measuring centers - an arm that is common in the tube fabrication industry.

How SVNET Works

The protocol uses command and data files in a shared network drive to pass data between the two computers. The protocol allows for up to 99 benders. Corrected bender data and master XYZ data can be passed between the measuring center and bender computers.

For example, this protocol can send a command file to bender 1, 2, or 3, etc., up to bender 99, indicating that the computer sending the command (the Benderlink computer) is SENDING data to the bender. If the bender is watching for the presence of this data, then the bender opens this file only if the data is meant for that bender number. Commands for any other bender will be ignored, as they will be acted on by the appropriate bender if it is online. The data is imported and handled by the bender control.

The exact method in which this incoming data is handled differs depending on the type of bender. The CNC Bender software that Advanced Tubular developed automatically takes the software into memory and displays this information on the screen. Other programs may require the operator to press a button to load the new data.

A RECALL is similar to a SEND, but with some extra steps.

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