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Bendxyz logo.jpgBender to XYZThis is the most flexible reverse-calculation conversion software available anywhere. Convert any of 12 different bend setups to XYZ data.
Blinkswlogo.jpgBenderlink for SolidWorksConverts SolidWorks data to bender data
FIF Translator Logo 360x70.jpgFIF TranslatorConverts Pro/E and Eaton Leonard FIF file data to other bender data
Ai2bender logo.jpgAI2benderAutodesk Inventor to Bender
Se2bender logo.jpgSE2BenderSolid Edge to Bender
Svfile logo.jpgSVFILEConverts old DOS-style Supravision files to new Windows Supravision files
Overbend calculator logo.jpgOverbend CalculatorCalculates overbend necessary to overcome springback in bending.
Acad2bender logo.jpgAutoCAD to BenderConverts AutoCAD data to bender data