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Autodesk Inventor To Bender Conversion software (or AI2Bender) is designed to convert data from Inventor XYZ data files into Supravision-style bender data files. The XYZ files contain tube centerline data. The converted data contains BENDER data that is compatible with many benders in the industry (including our CNC Bender software.

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AI2Bender software has been checked with Autodesk Inventor Professional XYZ files of both version 10 and the newer version 11. Both versions create files that are compatible with AI2Bender.

Important Note About Version 11

David Keener, an engineer at SMT Industries uses Autodesk Inventor and is our primary tester for compatibilitiy with AI2Bender software. He has discovered that the version 11 XYZ files add 0.017 to the X value in the first and last rows. The reason for the added value is unknown. He is contacting Autodesk to help them determine why the extra value is present in version 11 but not 10. You may want to check for this issue (or check with him on its resolution) before committing to migrate to version 11.

An Update from SMT Industries regarding Inventor Version 11

I have received information on the differences between Pro R11 and Pro R10 from David Keener. Autodesk is working on the problem. I will keep you informed as to what progress is made at Autodesk.

Current work around as follows:
From the Pipe Run branch in the Model Browser Bar:
Go to the Tube & Pipe Styles dialog box, click on the Rules tab.
You can change the "Inc" default setting from .100 to 0.001.
(You can not enter 0 so you will have to put 0.001 for example.)
OK to save and exit the Tube & Pipe Styles Dialog box.

After you create the XYZ Bender Output file, your starting point will be the same as the Tube starting point.


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