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Benderlink for SolidWorks software extracts SolidWorks tube design data, converts it to bender data, then allows you to send data directly to CNC tube benders.



The main features of this software:

  1. - Read tube data from SolidWorks
  2. - Convert the tube data to bender data
  3. - Save / Recall the bender data
  4. - Program and calculate cut-length to remove elongation using the Bend Reduction Editor
  5. - Program and calculate last length to remove elongation using the Bend Reduction Editor
  6. - Send new nominal data to benders that support SVNET protocol.
  7. - With a measuring center: Make and send correction data to benders that support the SVNET protocol.
  8. - With a measuring center: Reverse-engineer tube shapes
  9. - Reverse tube feature that allows for reversing the end A for end B.
  10. - Output TAURING data files (version 1.9)
  11. - Handle bend angles of 180 degrees or greater (version 2.0)
  12. - Acts as a file server to operator stations. Benderlink can watch for requests from operator stations for data by part name (For example, PINES TS-2000 bender control)

The reverse-engineering feature is performed by using 3D sketch with a measuring center - like a FARO arm. The tube centerline is sketched in 3D, then transferred to Benderlink for SolidWorks.

The correction feature is performed by measuring a tube with FARO arm, using this data to create a tube centerline in SolidWorks, then allow Benderlink to compare this inspected data with the MASTER data.

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Demonstration Video for Benderlink for SolidWorks

View a video that shows Benderlink for SolidWorks extracting data from SolidWorks.


How to convert and serve SolidWorks data to the Pines TS2000 Control using Benderlink for SolidWorks.

Screenshot of CNC Bender Import

This is a screen-shot of a conversion using Benderlink for SolidWorks into CNC Bender Offline running on a notebook computer. Compare the shape of the two images from the two programs.



Blinksw datasheet.jpg

Benderlink for SolidWorks Software Updates

Screen Shot Date Released Link to Page New Features
Blinksw v4.2.png July 7, 2014 Benderlink for SolidWorks 4.2
  • Added support for the new SecureDongle X hardware key for license control.
  • Added splash screen for version and date information.
  • The default save path is now moved to ..My Documents/Benderlink for SolidWorks
  • Updated some visual interface elements.
Blinksw v4.1.jpg August 30, 2012 Benderlink for SolidWorks 4.1
  • Added end adjustment lengths, made more values persistent between session, improved communications.
Blinksw v3 1.jpg October 29, 2010 Benderlink for SolidWorks 3.1
  • Fine tuned Benderlink for SolidWorks for Windows 7, and tested with SolidWorks 2011
Blinksw v3.jpg January 27, 2010 Benderlink for SolidWorks 3
  • Support for 64 bit Windows
Blinksw v2 sw180.jpg December 09, 2008 Benderlink for SolidWorks 2.0
  • Support for bend angles of 180 degrees and greater
  • Support combining adjacent bends to form one larger bender during file save
  • TAURING CNC data build adjustment to include straights
Blinksw tauring data mainsetup.jpg April 4, 2008 Benderlink for SolidWorks 1.9
  • Support for TAURING CNC output
  • Independent compensation switches for Master and Inspected
Blinksw 1 8 pulldown.jpg March 24, 2009 Benderlink for SolidWorks 1.8
  • Springback Compensation Editor
  • Compensation switches
Blinksw toolmenu.jpg March 10, 2009 Benderlink for SolidWorks 1.73
  • Swap ends
  • Color coding for quick visual identification of Master and Inspected
  • New buttons added to log headers
  • Two save buttons created from previous single button to speed save
Blinksw bendreductionfunction menu.jpg March 7, 2009 Benderlink for SolidWorks 1.71
  • Pulldown menus were added to the interface
  • Bend Reduction Editor (for predicting elongation)
  • New button for opening Explorer at default data folder
  • Reorganized user interface for more logical arrangement of controls

SolidWorks Compatibility

Benderlink for SolidWorks has been tested and verified with these versions of SolidWorks:

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