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Bender to XYZ is software converts bender data to XYZ coordinates that represent the centerline of a tube shape.

This is the most flexible reverse-calculation conversion software available anywhere. Convert any of 12 different bend setups to XYZ data.

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Tutorials and Support Pages

Software Revisions

Screen Shot Date Released Link to Page New Features
Win10 logo.png November 4, 2015 Bender to XYZ 6.1
  • Will now run on Windows 10
  • New support for SecureDongleX license control device.
Win7-64bit.jpg March 6, 2013 Bender to XYZ 6
  • Will now run on 64 bit computers - WinXP, Win7, Win8
  • Optimized with new code for faster performance.
  • New grid clipboard features - like copy grid to clipboard in an HTML table format.
  • Better handling of multi-user logins.
Bendxyz calctype mainscreen.jpg October 22, 2009 Bender to XYZ v5.6
  • Redesigned the interface so that the Calc Type is on the main screen.
  • Fixed a calculation issue in absolute rotations
Bendxyz calclastlength from cutlength.jpg August 18, 2009 Bender to XYZ v5.5
  • Added Calculate Last Length from Cut Length feature
  • Minor debug to Diameter and Cut Length fields
Tubeviewer.jpg July 28, 2008 Bender to XYZ v5.4
  • Added TUBE VIEWER to view and orbit around the tube.
  • Added automatic handling of angles that approach 180 degrees.
BenderXYZ splash.jpg July 18, 2008 Bender to XYZ v5.3
  • Added a splash screen.
  • Added a red warning cells for when LENGTHs are negative.
  • Added a help document that explains the Bender to XYZ calculations.
Bendxyz bendcalcsetup rotationdir.jpg July 14, 2008 Bender to XYZ v5.2
  • Added CCW and CW ROTATION direction choice. (CCW = Counter Clockwise, CW = Clockwise) Most benders use the CCW direction with positive angles rotating in that direction when you stand at the front of the bender and look down the tube length.
Bendxyz v5.jpg July 1, 2008 Bender to XYZ v5
  • This is a completely new version with too many enhancements to list here. See the update page for details.

Bender Formats Converted

Because you can choose the type of data that is entered in each column of data, the software can calculate at least 12 different combinations of data (12 different styles of bender data charts) See this chart for the combinations:

LRAtypes combination matrix.jpg

If you have bender data in any of these formats, you can calculate back to XYZ coordinates in space.

Bend Data Type Description
LRA, YBC (Eaton Leonard), FPB (Chiyoda), FRB (Advanced Tubular), PRB (MiiC) Standard CNC Draw Bender. Draw bending is where the tube is "drawn" around a rotating bend die. The opposite of draw-bending is compression-bending.
Military 1, Conrac, Lockheed Bendxyz militaryspec.jpg Absolute(accumulated) LENGTHs and ROTATIONS and draw-bending
Military 2 This is the same as Military 1 except with compression-bending.
Compression-Bending Applications Bends that are made by pushing the tube around a stationary bend die with a wiper.

Demonstration Video for Bender to XYZ

Download and view videos that show how Bender to XYZ Version 5 works.

Bendxyz video thumb.jpg

Screen Images

Image Description
Bendxyz v5.jpg New Version 5.0 Interface
Bendxyz v4.jpg Older Version 4 Interface (for comparison)
Bendxyz skin1.jpg Sample skin - WMP11
Bendxyz skin3.jpg Sample skin - Dark Glass
Bendxyz skin2.jpg Sample skin - Opus
Bendxyz reportpreview.jpg This is the report preview window. This window is modeless, which means that you can still work in the main screen while this is displayed.
Bendxyz collapse2.jpg This is the main screen with the left and right panes collapsed so that only the bender data pane is displayed.
Tubeviewer.jpg The TUBE VIEWER displays an image of the tube shape generated.

Angular Data Input Possibilities

Bender to XYZ allows for entry of ANGLE data using either a standard floating point format or the "degrees-minutes-seconds" format. Examples of valid entries are:

Angular Entry Type Example
1 - Decimals 90.51
2 - Degrees-Minutes-Seconds 90d30'30" is converted to 90.51 when the user exits the cell.
3 - Any Combination of Degrees, Minutes, and Second Any part of the DMS value may be left off and the floating point value will still be calculated properly. For example, all of these are value: 90d = 90.00, or 90d30' = 90.50, or 90d30" = 90.00 (when rounded to two places).

Demo Version

You can download an try a demo version that outputs randomized XYZ data. The licensed version (purchased) calculates precise XYZ data. The demo version will clearly display "Demo Version - Randomized Output" in the XYZ pane.

Bendxyz demo.jpg

Help Reference

Help System Link
Bendxyz calchelp browser.jpg View the Online Calc Help here.

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