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Revision 1.75

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Check.jpg CRITICAL ENHANCEMENT: Split Bend Logic and Display

After extensive Gage R&R tests, the Split Bend logic is completely rewritten and is more accurate and robust than the original logic.

A new Split Bend plane object shows the plane were the split is being performed. (See the orange planes in the image on the right.)

VTube-LASER Split Bend v1.75.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Scanner Setup Enhancements

  • This version addresses issues with handling the Scanner Setup in v1.74 project files.

  • The current scanner setup is now displayed below the DRO.


Check.jpg NEW: Save MASTER BENDER Data from the MASTER XYZ Data Menu

VTube now includes a new FILE tab menu in the MASTER XYZ data menu. This file tab menu allows operators to save data to save the MASTER data to a BENDER file. The output can support any file-type that is currently supported in VTube.

This includes:

  • $$$ Supravision Files (Supravision legacy)
  • SV Supravision Files (DOCS)
  • S2B Supravision Files (For transferring using the Supravision Network protocol.)
  • CSM bender files
  • Winton bender files


Check.jpg ENHANCEMENT: The Cylinder Fit Window is Redesigned

The Cylinder Fit window is now completely redesigned with new explanations to make the numbers more understandable. For example the new help text reads "SE2 = The centerline is accurate to these values with 95% certainty."

We've removed the X and Y Vector values because they were of no help in assuring accuracy of the centerline calculation in the display.

A new Radius Low/High and Deviation section is added to ensure that the points used to calculate the diameter are all within the same distances to the centerline calculated.

CylinderFitWindow v1 75.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Cylinder Fit Radius Deviation Check

VTube now checks to be sure that all point clouds used in the diameter calculation all fall within a reasonable tolerance for distance from the calculated centerline.


Check.jpg NEW: "Pull Arm From Resting Position" Message

If the arm uses firmware version 702 or less, then it will display special messages when it is about to update the Scanner Control.

Follow these instructions if you change the Scanner Control setup from project to project.

The reason for this new step is that the Scanner Control will not update any integer values to or from VTube-LASER if the LASER is not able to be switched on during setup.


Check.jpg NEW: Separate Cylinder Fit Tolerances for LONG and SHORT Cylinders

VTube now has a second set of tolerances for shorter straights. This allows for looser tolerances on shorter straights without producing an error message.


Check.jpg Other Changes

A new tolerance is added for surface point diameter check.

The current arm firmware is now read and used by VTube to determine how to handle the arm during Scanner Control changes.


For high-precision end scans, new end-scan techniques are recommended in the VTube-LASER manual.


The VTube SVNET protocol now knows how to handle leftover communications files if they are present.

VTube can now save Supravision data to multiple file extension types: $$$, SV, or S2B

VTube-LASER now takes in scanned points faster than before.
VTube-LASER installation now allows for installing either MM or INCH default setups.
Default setups were fine-tuned in VTube-LASER so that VTube works faster.

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